Hazelwood can strike anywhere

For 25 years, Hazelwood has been spreading. It doesn't just hurt journalists — anyone can be infected. It afflicts artists, musicians, actors — even graduation speakers.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include an inability to speak freely. In some cases, victims are paralyzed by intimidation. 

Hazelwood is highly contagious

Hazelwood started with high school kids, but it hasn't stopped there. Once a school is infected, it goes viral.  

Get tested for Hazelwood

Find out if you are at risk for Hazelwood. Ask to see the district and school-level policies that affect student free speech. 

Stop Hazelwood from spreading

Help protect others from Hazelwood. Raise awareness, and make sure your state has an anti-Hazelwood law. 

“No one is immune to Hazelwood, and its symptoms can attack without a moment’s notice. Make sure you and your friends are protected against Hazelwood – before it’s too late.”
— Dr. Adam Maksl
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