Help Tomorrow's Citizens Find Their Voice

Freedom in America: An Electronic Field Trip
Ball State University's interactive broadcast features conversations with experts as well as online and in-class activities. To access the site, enter the user name “liberty” and the password “bell.”
Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools
Get resources to make the case to legislators and policymakers about the importance of teaching civics in schools.
First Amendment Schools Network
Looking for free resources to help your school teach and practice democratic principles? Interested in learning about how other schools encourage students to exercise their freedoms responsibly? Join the First Amendment Schools Network and help your school become a laboratory for democratic freedom.
Newspapers in Education
Newspapers in Education works with participating newspapers to deliver free newspapers to high schools. Contact your local paper to see if they participate.
North Carolina Civic Education Consortium
This website offers resources to help students become enthusiastic, involved citizens with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to participate in democratic life.
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