Winter 2012-13

Vol. XXXIV, No. 1

‘Anti-Hazelwood’ freedom of expression laws only go so far

An SPLC audit of school district publication polices in Colorado and Oregon finds many of the policies are at odds with the states’ student free expression laws, designed to give students more rights. Read more

Different rules: Administrators seek stricter control of online publications

As high school publications move online, they’re facing stricter scrutiny from administrators who worry about the larger audiences online. Often, students wind up with less control online than they have in print. Read more

In Michigan, an advocate for students’ First Amendment rights

It’s the only partnership of its kind — a law school, journalism school, and a scholastic press association all working together to teach high school students that they have rights, too. Read more

Seeking readers, student and professional media team up

Amid declining readership, both college and professional media outlets are finding a benefit to one-time partnerships that provide news they wouldn’t otherwise be able to give readers on their own. Read more

25 years later, a look at one generation under Hazelwood

When the Supreme Court’s ruling came down in January 1988, journalism educators feared the decision would make it more difficult for student journalists to produce good work without the threat of censorship. Now, 25 years later, many believe their worst fears — and more — have come true. Read more

Discussion of free speech limitations playing out on college campuses

Debates about freedom of speech — and whether there should be limits placed on speech that offends, particularly religious speech — are playing out on college campuses across the country. Read more

Want a credential? Better not report on athletes’ injuries, schools say

A wave of football programs introduced bans on injury reporting this season, threatening to revoke journalists’ credentials if they break the rules. For the most part, reporters are complying. Read more

Student journalists struggling for access to private school police records

They can make arrests and often operate as any local police department does. But as student journalists have discovered, it’s not always easy to get campus police at private schools to grant access to their records. Read more

Law offers some protections for employees, students to speak out

Blanket restrictions on talk between the media and school employees may be legally unenforceable – and such restrictions on students almost certainly are void. Read more

Two views on Hazelwood show why conversation must continue

A generation ago, Justice William Brennan warned the nation about the perils of heavy-handed school censorship. Read more

Using legislative records

Use legislative records to follow legislation of particular interest to students. Read more