Winter 2005-06

Texas students, adviser receive Courage in Student Journalism Awards

The Courage in Student Journalism Awards are presented each year to student journalists and to a school administrator or media adviser who have demonstrated exceptional determination and support for student press freedom, despite resistance or difficult circumstances. Read more

Gender, geography affect views on expression

Urban students are more likely to favor greater means of expression ' such as airing an unpopular opinion or reciting profanity-laced lyrics ' while suburban students are more likely to believe the government should have the right to censor the press. Read more

Students face challenges covering homosexuality

Many student newspaper staffs have faced situations like this in attempting to publish stories on homosexuality. But there seems to be just as many success stories where supportive advisers and administrators have said this is an issue that students need to be able to cover. Read more

Speech v. Safety

The study, put out by the First Amendment Center in September, looks at the balance between school safety and protecting students' First Amendment rights. Read more

Students win fight over censorship of sex article

In September, the Caldwell-West Caldwell School Board in Newark, N.J., agreed to allow the publication of a previously censored article in The Caldron, James Caldwell High School's student newspaper. But the victory may prove temporary, as board members are considering stricter policies that could allow for greater censorship in the future. Read more

Former student loses free speech lawsuit; appeals filed

California is one of six states with a statute protecting student free expression rights. The laws are often referred to as anti- Hazelwood statutes because many were a specific response to the Supreme Court's 1988 decision limiting students' rights under the First Amendment. Read more

High School Censorship In Brief

A U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled in September that school officials did not violate a student's rights when he was suspended for writing a violent and sexually explicit story using the names of his classmates. Read more

Using faces from Facebook

In November, photos of several University of Miami students who indicated they went swimming in a campus lake ' an act forbidden by the university ' appeared on a fellow student's Facebook profile. Patricia Mazzei, Hurricane editor in chief, did not hesitate to run them, accompanied by the headline, "Caught on Facebook." Read more

Students increasingly punished for Internet postings

In what some student free-expression advocates say is an alarming trend, students at both public and private schools are being punished for Internet postings made off school grounds on Web sites not affiliated with the schools. Read more

High Court shows interest in Hosty

Bone chilling. That is how Charles Davis from the Missouri School of Journalism described the Hosty v. Carter decision out of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Read more

College Censorship In Brief

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a group that advocates students' free expression rights, filed a federal lawsuit Oct. 31 against Troy University for a speech code FIRE's President David French called "incompatible with a free society." Read more

'Covert' Censorship

But when school officials attempt to censor by cutting funds, firing editors or some other indirect means, student journalists can have a more difficult time demonstrating they have a First Amendment case. Read more

Crime under wraps

The student journalists' plight at Harvard parallels the problems student editors have at other private universities that are attempting to balance the public's right to know about campus crime with institutional pressure to maintain student privacy. Read more

Court rejects students' request for meeting access

A prominent journalism academic said the court did not address the issue the student newspaper had wanted answered: whether Michigan public university governing boards are constitutionally exempt from the state's open meetings act. Read more

Access In Brief

After two years and a lengthy court battle, the Daily O'Collegian, the student newspaper at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, obtained an incident report on a recent graduate who is now an NFL running back. Read more

Four face charges for stealing student papers

Prosecutors have been tough on student newspaper thieves this school year, pressing charges against four people accused of stealing newspapers in two unrelated cases -- all in one month. Read more

Newspaper Theft In Brief

More than 8,500 copies of The Daily Utah Chronicle were stolen from campus bins at the University of Utah in November in what newspaper staff said was an effort by the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha to censor a letter to the editor about hazing. Read more

Updates on past thefts

CALIFORNIA -- Last spring three students who confessed to stealing student newspapers at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles were punished by an internal campus disciplinary process. Read more

Professor sues student newspaper for defamation

Michael Vadnie, adviser to the University Chronicle, the student newspaper at St. Cloud State University, said the newspaper would remain "aggressive" in its reporting under his watch. Read more

Libel & Privacy InBrief

Settlement ends 14-year dispute between man and local newspaper ILLINOIS -- A man wrongly identified in a suburban Chicago newspaper after editors used his high school yearbook photo to accompany a story on a drug bust settled his defamation lawsuit against the paper in September. Christopher M. Read more

Advisers In Brief

Administrators at Shorewood High School reinstated Steve Kelly for the 2005-06 academic year as adviser of Imprints, the school’s literary magazine, after he was asked to resign last year when the publication he oversaw printed a poem about a sexual experience. Read more