Spring 2015

XXXVI, No. 2

Responding to the haters

Heightened with the prevalence of online commenting, student journalists frequently receive pushback from their own work. Often, the adversaries are their own peers. Read more

Shaking the foundation: Fighting for access to university nonprofit foundations

Public universities use private nonprofits to raise money. In order to track donor influence, one group is fighting for more access. Read more

The labor beat: How student journalists cover campus workplaces

Student journalists often face challenges when reporting on campus workers and workplaces. Read more

Yak flak: How should schools respond to students' anonymous speech?

New technology means new worries. Schools are grappling with how to respond to students' anonymous speech in the Yik Yak era. Read more

A plea for help: Student publications try to raise money online

Like professional newspapers, student publications nationwide are strapped for cash. In an effort to stop the bleeding, some have turned to the Internet to ask for help.  Read more

A catalyst for reform: North Dakota's new anti-Hazelwood law has rebuilt a national movement

North Dakota's lawmakers have approved an anti-Hazelwood law to protect students' speech rights, helping rebuild a national movement.  Read more

Teacher talk: Professors' fight to speak openly often isn't easy

Across the country, attacks on academic freedom have ended up in court and in policy changes as professors fight to speak openly. Read more

Hip-hop hassle: How the lyrics of two violent rap songs could redefine your online free-speech protections

After the Supreme Court ruled on Elonis in June, free-speech advocates worry about potential consequences on student social media speech.  Read more

Unpaid journalism internships: Employers react to wave of legal challenges

Some observers have predicted that the end of the unpaid internship is not far away — here's a summary and an analysis of the recent legal developments.  Read more