Spring 2013

XXXIV, No. 2

Rekindling First Amendment passion among America's youth

It’s a difficult time for the First Amendment in schools. Read more

Hazelwood's chill: The 25-year-old ruling's impact on students

Journalism educators say the censorship that students have faced under Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier has prompted many to self-censor and avoid controversial topics. Read more

‘Confessions’ websites are popping up at schools across the country, proving that everyone has something to share

Confessions pages, which allow students to anonymously post on Facebook about themselves and their school, are creating headaches for some school administrators who see the potential for harm. Read more

Student journalists work to repair damage from costly reporting errors

Libel lawsuits against student newspapers are relatively uncommon, but in recent months, mistakes in reporting have costs student editors and advisers headaches and even their jobs. Read more

Overcoming policies that get between you and your sources

College journalists are learning how to navigate — and when to challenge — administrative policies designed to show sources and the institutions they represent in the best light. Read more

Reporting on school safety, students journalists add to national discussion

School violence and crime are newsworthy topics, but at times can provoke backlash from safety-conscious (or image-conscious) school administrators. Read more

Stop and think: Doing the right thing with your right to publish

How journalists approach controversial topics can have an affect on the way readers receive a story. Student and professionals alike encourage reporters to consider the impact of their words. Read more

The other side of independence: When your boss is a nonprofit board

Few schools claim fully independent student media organizations. Those that do find themselves balancing concerns for editorial independence with day-to-day business operations. Read more

Students tap technology to create a new form of youth activism

A year ago, a high school senior in New York had an idea to elevate students’ voice using Twitter. Now, his group is working to bring students and policymakers together to create change in education. Read more

Fighting back against lawsuits designed to silence speech

Anti-SLAAP statutes in many states can help student journalists who are faced with libel lawsuits filed with the intention of silencing otherwise protected speech. Read more

Using athletic department records

Use public records to understand the huge business that is college athletics. Read more