NEWS RELEASE: WKU journalist takes home $2,000 prize for investigative reporting on campus sexual harassment

Western Kentucky's student newspaper is honored at a college media conference for its persistent public-records digging, which provoked the university to file a "reverse FOIA" lawsuit seeking to block disclosure of information about how the college responds to sexual harassment complaints.  Read more

Rhode Island governor signs New Voices legislation into law

Not only was Rhode Island the 13th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and establish statehood, but it is now the 13th state to ensure the free-expression rights of student journalists. Read more

Rhode Island House, Senate pass 'New Voices' legislation

Rhode Island lawmakers held a last-minute vote Thursday and unanimously passed two identical New Voices bills in the House and the Senate, then ratified the House version late Friday. Unless the governor vetoes it, House Bill 5550 will make Rhode Island the thirteenth state with a statute protecting student journalists.  Read more

State of the First Amendment? Many Americans say it shouldn't protect divisive campus speakers, hate speech on social media

The Newseum's annual survey finds generally strong public support for First Amendment principles, but that support wanes when the public is asked whether constitutional principles "go too far" in protecting hateful or offensive speakers. Read more

Student newspaper denied access to University of Kansas campus carry plans

The University of Kansas will implement concealed carry on its campus beginning July 1, but students have yet to receive all of the details regarding this procedural shift. Read more

Florida appellate court rules in favor of student news site in records lawsuit

Student government records can’t be withheld from journalists on the grounds of educational privacy, a Florida appeals court has affirmed. Read more

Rejecting family privacy claims, judge won't block release of UConn surveillance video to media requesters

A state-court judge denied a motion for protective order filed by survivors of a UConn student killed in an accident following a fraternity party. The Hartford newspaper sought access to the video under the state open-records act. Read more

Three Michigan State football players charged in secretive sexual assault investigation

Three Michigan State University football players have been charged in a sexual assault case that has been shrouded in secrecy by the university. Read more

Start spreadin' the news, New York's considering a student press freedom bill

A New York legislator, inspired by visiting a hometown high-school newsroom, proposes legislation to protect the independence of student journalists. But consideration is unlikely until 2018, with the legislative session winding down for the year.  Read more

Nevada governor signs New Voices bill into law

Nevada students and journalists alike rejoiced when Gov. Sandoval signed Senate Bill 240 into law late Friday night. Read more

New Hampshire college journalists fight for press access on campus

Despite administration stating there is not campus-wide requirement that all interviews go through campus PR, faculty and student journalists at Keene State College are pushing for a clearer press access policy. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Five standout college journalists will take on "Active Voice" press-freedom service projects

Fellows in the SPLC-funded initiative design and carry out locally tailored projects aimed primarily at addressing the "press freedom gender gap" that afflicts K-12 schools.  Read more

Nevada Senate confirms House vote and sends New Voices bill to Governor

Nevada’s New Voices bill, Senate Bill 420, passed the state legislature this week, awaiting only the governor’s signature before it becomes law. Read more

Vermont Governor signs New Voices bill into law

It’s been a busy month in Vermont, where journalists have secured two First Amendment victories in a week after Gov. Phil Scott signed New Voices legislation on Thursday. Read more

Arizona Governor vetoes New Voices bill

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed the New Voices bill, SB 1384, just a few days after the General Assembly wrapped up their legislative session. Read more

After 25 years, Arizona legislature votes to secure free press rights for students

It was 25 years in the making, but student press protections finally passed the Arizona legislature Tuesday. Read more

New Voices tallies big win in Vermont

After months of back-and-forth, student press protections are on their way to the governor’s desk in Vermont. Read more

Community College newspaper has its final issue reinstated, earns letter of support

A community college in Kansas has walked back, in part, actions taken to restrict its own student newspaper. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Journalism nonprofit leader Diana Mitsu Klos joins SPLC to run engagement programs

The former head of the National Scholastic Press Association and Associated Collegiate Press will be advising the SPLC on volunteer mobilization and partnership-building, and aiding in the transition to a soon-to-be-hired new Executive Director. Read more

Indiana student press freedom bill runs out of time

A Hail Mary attempt to pass legislation guaranteeing constitutional protections for student journalists fell short in Indiana. Read more