Deciphering DACA: Making Sense of the Deadline, the Headlines, and the Education Stakes

The Student Press Law Center is teaming up with Education Writers Association to offer context to the debate over DACA, a program President Obama created to temporarily shield young people brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents. Read more

Virginia governor signs two bills which limit access to student records

On Feb. 19, House Bill 1 passed the Virginia Senate with a 38-2 vote. The bill will now go back to the House for approval of changes made by the Senate.  Read more

Effort to ‘Cure Hazelwood’ gains momentum on first National Hazelwood Day of Action

The event included Facebook Lives with the likes of student press advocates Mary Beth Tinker and Cathy Kuhlmeier Frey, a webinar on the history of the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier decision and a ton of great photos, videos and messages from students on what getting rid of school censorship would mean to them. Read more

Student press freedom bill fails in South Dakota House Education Committee

South Dakota’s House Education Committee effectively killed a bill that would protect some First Amendment rights of public school students. Read more

New Voices bill killed in Indiana House

Indiana’s New Voices bill to protect student journalists' rights failed in the House Feb. 5 after it fell short of the 51 votes needed for passage to the Senate. The House voted 47 to 44 in favor. Read more

Hundreds of student newspapers vanish at Kansas community college, staff suspects theft, censorship

Students at Butler Community College's Lantern distributed their biweekly newspaper on Jan. 31. The next morning, close to a third of the papers were missing. Entire racks were emptied. Read more

Open-government groups support public access to school surveillance videos

Newsworthy video from school surveillance cameras can’t be withheld from the public on the grounds of student privacy (FERPA), a group of open-government groups argues in a brief filed with a Pennsylvania appeals court. Read more

Don't freak — there are summer journalism internships left

Thought you missed all the deadlines for summer journalism internships? No need to worry — we compiled a list of paid journalism internships and fellowships around the country with deadlines in February/early March Read more

Don't miss our upcoming webinar, Hazelwood Then and Now

Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 11 a.m. ET the Student Press Law Center will host a live webinar featuring three legal experts to tell us about the past, present and future of student media censorship in the aftermath of the 1988 Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier Supreme Court case.  Read more

High school administrators in Utah censored The Telegraph. So, The Telegram was born.

After launching an independent website to publish a story that was censored, Utah students are asking their school's administration to let them re-publish an article about teacher misconduct. Read more

These seven states have promising grassroots New Voices campaigns going into 2018

In the opening days of the new year, bills were introduced in Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey and New York, with holdover bills reactivated in Minnesota and Washington. Read more

How you can use public records to cover campus sexual assault

Learn what kinds of records you can look for, where to request them from and what to do if you run into problems. We also show some of the resources available on our website. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: The Student Press Law Center joins coalition to defend The University Star's right to publish controversial op-ed

The SPLC has cosigned a letter with Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and National Coalition Against Censorship demanding Texas State University reverse its threats to defund TSU's student newspaper in the wake of a controversial op-ed.   Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Not “fake news:” National award celebrates tenacious New York City high school journalists whose reporting forced school leadership change

For its intensive coverage of the combative tenure of an interim principal whose reign sparked a campus sit-in and petitions, The Classic at Townsend Harris High School is the recipient of the Student Press Law Center’s 2017 Courage in Student Journalism Award. Read more

Paid journalism internships with December deadlines

We're slightly past the fall's peak application season, but fear not, procrastinators! There are still plenty of openings for both spring and summer paid internships at newsrooms across the country.  Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: We're hosting a #MeToo webinar on how to report on sexual assaults on campus

Join us Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT when we'll be coming to you live on YouTube with legal and ethical advice for covering stories of sexual assault on campus responsibly. Read more

Illinois high school paper publishes revised version of previously confiscated spread on marijuana

A high school paper was confiscated by administrators who disapproved of two articles exploring why students smoke marijuana. Now they've published a revised version of the stories. Read more

California high school reporters fight for access to sealed documents, controversial video

Student reporters in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District are pushing back against the decision to seal court documents containing a controversial video made by a fellow student. Read more

A legal victory for the student press in Kentucky's ongoing battle for open records

A circuit court judge ruled Oct. 13 that the state Attorney General has the right to privately review public records on sexual assault at Kentucky State University to determine whether the school is required to release them to student reporters.  Read more

Judge releases records in Krakauer case, provides narrow ruling in Montana open records lawsuit

The Montana University System must now release sexual assault records to author Jon Krakauer in a long-standing legal battle, Montana District Judge Mike Menahan ruled Krakauer will have access to the majority of the documents asked for, with names redacted.  Read more