The Buchtelite bounces back: student reporters revive 128-year-old U of Akron paper

Student journalists at the University of Akron have reinstated the school's 128-year-old newspaper after a semester-long leave of absence—the second in the paper's history. Read more

Application season is here: more than 60 journalism internships and fellowships coming up

With winter looming closer, now is the time to be applying for journalism internships and fellowships for spring and summer of 2018. Many news organizations have deadlines in early October and November, so here's a list to get you started. Read more

Society of Professional Journalists praises the SPLC's New Voices initiative

The Society of Professional Journalists published a resolution Sept. 15 commending a Student Press Law Center initiative to pass legislative protections for student journalists. Read more

UT Austin journalist assaulted while covering protest

A protest at the University of Texas at Austin against a bill banning sanctuary cities in the state turned violent Sept. 1 when a protester hit a Daily Texan reporter, sending him to the hospital. Read more

Student reporters kicked out of “open” student government meeting

Reporters at the North Carolina State University newspaper Technician pushed back last week after being removed from a controversial student government impeachment hearing. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Open-government groups support Kentucky student newspaper's legal battle for public records of harassment investigations

A coalition of open-government groups led by the Student Press Law Center has thrown its support behind college journalists battling for access to public records about sexual harassment investigations against employees at the University of Kentucky. Read more

What Title IX reform could mean for student journalists

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced last week that the Trump administration plans to revise Obama-era federal guidelines for colleges and universities on handling sexual misconduct. Here's how the current system affects student reporting and where there is room for potential change. Read more

How to cover DACA as a student journalist: advice from professionals

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, high schools and universities across the country have erupted in protest. This leaves student publications with a serious question: how do you cover DACA in a way that is legal, ethical and engaging? Here's what the experts had to say. Read more

Student Press Law Center Names New Executive Director

Hadar Harris, a human rights attorney and non-profit leader with a passion for working with and on behalf of students, will become the next executive director of the Student Press Law Center, effective Sept. 6, 2017. Read more

American Bar Association House of Delegates unanimously passes New Voices resolution

In a major development in the movement for student press freedom, the American Bar Association has announced its support for New Voices legislation.  Read more

Student journalist challenges University of Wisconsin for records in investigation of professor

When a professor was pulled out of a lecture and suddenly stopped teaching his other classes, Alex Nemec, a student journalist at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, filed records requests to find out why. Nemec has encountered two hurdles to accessing records, the first imposed by the University and the second by the professor himself. Read more

Court says FERPA forbids sharing UK harassment records with attorney general

The Kentucky attorney general will appeal a ruling from a circuit court’s determination that he does not have authority to review records the University of Kentucky has kept confidential following sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Journalism groups rally behind UCSD student media against retaliatory withdrawal of financial support

In a brief filed Monday, the SPLC and seven national press-freedom organizations argue that a federal district judge erred in concluding that a public university can discontinue funding for student media anytime for any reason, even if motivated to punish the editors for unwanted viewpoints. Read more

University of Central Missouri's student newspaper on hold for the year after budget shortfall

The student newspaper at University of Central Missouri will live online-only this academic year. Read more

Keene State student newspaper faces unsure future after university president's resignation

Keene State’s clearer press rights policy hangs in limbo as the newspaper’s budget gets slashed and the university president resigns. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center debuts new online reference resource to help advocates enforce open-records laws

A library of state-by-state reference materials created with the help of SPLC attorney volunteers can help simplify the task of understanding and enforcing open-records laws, a frequent source of tension between journalists and educational institutions.  Read more

NEWS RELEASE: WKU journalist takes home $2,000 prize for investigative reporting on campus sexual harassment

Western Kentucky's student newspaper is honored at a college media conference for its persistent public-records digging, which provoked the university to file a "reverse FOIA" lawsuit seeking to block disclosure of information about how the college responds to sexual harassment complaints.  Read more

Rhode Island governor signs New Voices legislation into law

Not only was Rhode Island the 13th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and establish statehood, but it is now the 13th state to ensure the free-expression rights of student journalists. Read more

Rhode Island House, Senate pass 'New Voices' legislation

Rhode Island lawmakers held a last-minute vote Thursday and unanimously passed two identical New Voices bills in the House and the Senate, then ratified the House version late Friday. Unless the governor vetoes it, House Bill 5550 will make Rhode Island the thirteenth state with a statute protecting student journalists.  Read more

State of the First Amendment? Many Americans say it shouldn't protect divisive campus speakers, hate speech on social media

The Newseum's annual survey finds generally strong public support for First Amendment principles, but that support wanes when the public is asked whether constitutional principles "go too far" in protecting hateful or offensive speakers. Read more