When campus discipline doesn't add up

Many large public universities report zero or nearly zero liquor law violations and drug abuse offenses — a side effect of the wide variations allowed in reporting campus crimes under the federal Clery Act.  Read more

Maryland New Voices press freedom bill signed into law

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed into law Tuesday a bill designed to protect the free-speech rights of high school and college journalists, effective Oct. 1.  Read more

At some universities, there are blurred lines between public relations and student media

Some universities have tried to blend traditional student journalism with public relations, prompting ethics questions and some raised eyebrows. Read more

Illinois House unanimously sends New Voices press freedom bill on to Senate

Nearly 20 years after Illinois' governor unexpectedly vetoed a measure protecting student journalists against institutional censorship, press-rights advocates are halfway toward their long-sought goal.  Read more

Missouri Senate committee unanimously passes New Voices legislation following hearing

The student press freedom legislation, which already passed the state House, now moves on to the Senate floor. Read more

Southern Oregon University student journalists fight to save 90-year-old publication

The student journalists have eight weeks to save the Siskiyou — either by raising $50,000 for an endowment or by applying for student government funds. Read more

Maryland legislature passes student press freedom bill

The bill, which would guarantee free speech protections to high school and college journalists, is now on the governor's desk. Read more

Florida appellate court rules that universities cannot withhold names of student government officials

The Fifth District Court of Appeal withdrew its earlier opinion and decided the trial court had erred when it comes to student government officials' misconduct being protected by FERPA. Read more

Ninth Circuit ruling in California student expression case may be “dangerous for campus speech,” lawyers say

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in O’Brien v. Welty that a university harassment policy was not unconstitutionally overbroad.  Read more

Maryland House approves student press freedom bill, final vote expected soon

The Senate is expected to give final consideration to the New Voices bill before midnight on Monday.  Read more

Illinois student press freedom bill passes unanimously through House committee

The Illinois New Voices bill would extend First Amendment protections to high school journalists. College journalists in the state are already protected. Read more

Student publications on three college campuses fall victim to newspaper theft

Hundreds of newspapers were stolen at three colleges in March because of articles some found to be controversial.  Read more

New Nebraska law allows universities to only name a single candidate for top positions

University of Nebraska administrators now only have to present a single candidate for chancellor and president positions, instead of four.  Read more

Brandeis University drops investigation into student journalists’ coverage of sexual assault event

Student journalists were being investigated by the university and threatened with legal action for anonymously quoting public speakers at a Take Back the Night march. Read more

Student press freedom supporters testified in support of Maryland New Voices bill

After the Maryland New Voices bill passed the Senate floor, a House committee heard testimony this week.  Read more

North Carolina draft bill would remove teacher pay from the public record

A draft bill in North Carolina would make individual teachers' salaries exempt from the public records law to prevent teachers' "envy and jealousy." Read more

Georgia legislation would give college athletic departments three months to respond to records requests

The legislation would extend the deadline for Georgia colleges' athletic departments to respond to public records requests from 3 days to 90.  Read more

Indiana governor vetoes controversial bill that would have shielded private university police records

The bill would have superseded a recent Indiana Court of Appeals ruling that said state private universities' police departments are subject to public records law. Read more

Wesleyan student government revokes student newspaper's funds

The embattled student newspaper, the Argus, will lose this semester's student government funding because of the donations stockpiled to protect the paper. Read more

Michigan student press freedom bill clears committee vote, heads to Senate floor

A Michigan Senate committee voted 5-0 to pass an anti-censorship bill that would protect high school and college journalists. The bill now advances to the Senate floor.  Read more