UCSD student government defunds student media, including controversial satirical site The Koala

The University of California-San Diego student government defunded all 13 student media outlets in a targeted move at the controversial and often-offensive publication The Koala. Read more

Student journalists at Loyola ban outside media from taking pictures in student protesters’ “healing space”

Student staffers of the Black Tribune, a publication run by Loyola students of color, would not allow outside media to take pictures inside the protesters' arm-locked circle, following a demonstration against racism on campus.  Read more

Conference honors 25th anniversary of Clery Act, stresses need for more transparency

Educators, campus police officers, victim advocates and attorneys gathered in Washington, D.C. Friday to celebrate 25 years of the federal campus crime law and talk about what's next.  Read more

Fraternity member accused of stealing 250 papers, asking students to help him

Student editors at Northwest Missouri State University were distributing papers at the student union when a student identified as a fraternity member ran by and grabbed a bundle of 50 newspapers.  Read more

Student journalist at Mt. San Antonio College slapped with conduct complaint after reporting on medical emergency

The student journalist has to attend two student conduct classes because he repeatedly questioned health care professionals about a student's emergency trip to the hospital. Read more

Former student journalist scores major victory in public records lawsuit

The former editor-in-chief of The Collegian at Georgia Perimeter College sued the University System of Georgia Board of Regents in 2013 for mishandling his public records request.  Read more

Title IX complaints pending against Missouri employees blocking student photojournalists on video

The student photojournalist who recorded the video that went viral also filed a simple assault complaint against Melissa Click, the communications professor who called for "muscle."  Read more

Embattled high school newspaper loses a year's worth of archived stories after school officials shut down website

After administrators shut down the Matador's website without advance notice, the student editors learned they had lost all online content since February 2014 — including their coverage of an ongoing censorship battle.  Read more

A lack of diversity in student media sparks frustration, debates across the country

As debates centering around diversity and the media at Wesleyan University and Missouri University gain national attention, minority journalists hope something will change.  Read more

Missouri student protesters remove signs that ban the media from campsite

As the communications professor receives threats and calls for her resignation, the student protesters announce that media is now welcome at their campsite. Read more

Missouri student protesters attempt to bar student photographers from recording on campus

Student activists at the University of Missouri told the media, including two student photographers, that they were not welcome to photograph their "safe space."  Read more

Wisconsin student government, angry at student newspaper’s debt, calls for adviser’s resignation

The UW-Oshkosh student newspaper, facing crippling debt, has the university administrators' support — but the student government has denounced the paper's leadership. Read more

Muscatine Community College student journalists drop lawsuit against school

About a month after a federal judge dismissed the student editors' request for an injunction, the Calumet student editors drop their lawsuit against the university.  Read more

A newly-formed student group at Wesleyan will consider cuts to the student newspaper’s budget

On Sunday, the Wesleyan student government voted unanimously to create a working group that will weigh $17,000 worth of cuts to the student newspaper, following a heated debate on campus over diversity in college media.  Read more

California district shuts down the Matador student newspaper website without advance notice

The Matador, the California high school paper that has faced administrative censorship and their adviser put on indefinite leave, is now dealing with the aftermath of their website's shutdown.  Read more

Hundreds of Crimson White papers stolen; editor suspects fraternity pledges

After the Crimson White published a column and an editorial cartoon critical of fraternity practices, the editor-in-chief said he saw what appeared to be two fraternity pledges carrying stacks of papers.  Read more

Christian college implements 48-hour prior review policy for student newspaper after gay marriage ruling

Administrators said they did not want the school paper to publicize the college's firm stance against gay marriage.  Read more

Former New Jersey adviser is suing the school board after his dismissal last year

The New Jersey adviser was dismissed and journalism courses at the school were canceled after a year-long battle with the principal over prior review and censorship. Read more

Wesleyan student government considers cutting the Argus’ printing budget in half after diversity debate

The Wesleyan student government is considering pulling money from the Argus' print budget to create work study positions to increase diversity at the paper. Read more

Alumni of the Matador student paper have filed a complaint over newspaper adviser’s replacements

The California high school newspaper adviser has been indefinitely replaced by two substitutes who lack journalism experience while the district continues its investigation.  Read more