Texas school district is not backing down from asking students to sign over the copyright to their work

The Texas school district that has asked students in the yearbook class to sign a work-for-hire agreement maintains the policy's legality, despite widespread skepticism.  Read more

Virginia FOIA exemptions maintain tight grip on university records

Virginia public records law exempts the disclosure of university presidents' working notes or correspondence, which has raised questions in light of the Rolling Stones article's aftermath. Some public access advocates are trying to remove those exemptions from the law. Read more

Court will not grant an injunction to Iowa student journalists suing administrators for retaliation

The judge wrote that the student journalists did not show enough evidence of retaliation or intimidation to proceed with a preliminary injunction against the college.  Read more

N.C. bill aims for transparency in UNC-system president search, but drops public disclosure requirement

The original amendment would have required the University of North Carolina system board members to release the names of three candidates for the system president job to the public.  Read more

Debate still rages over Wesleyan Argus column after closed-door student government meeting

Members of the media were not allowed in the student government meeting intended to discuss the petition to defund the Argus if diversity efforts aren't made.   Read more

Appeals court: KU student expelled for crude off-campus tweets can return to school

The court ruled that the University of Kansas overreached when it expelled a student for posting profane tweets about his ex-girlfriend while under a no-contact order. The university had also cited Title IX.  Read more

Tennessee is considering a proposal to charge citizens to inspect public records

The proposal has sparked a debate between public access advocates and record-keepers.  Read more

Hundreds of newspapers stolen at Florida Gulf Coast University

The editors of the newspaper are submitting a public records request to the university police to obtain a copy of the security footage by a distribution box.  Read more

Op-ed in Wesleyan Argus sparks outrage, petition to defund newspaper

Student activists have stolen at least 500 newspapers and are calling for a list of reforms to make the student newspaper more diverse following the publication of an opinion column criticizing Black Lives Matter. Read more

SPJ resolution urges members to fight student press censorship

The Society of Professional Journalists unanimously passed a resolution at its conference last weekend that asks members to support anti-Hazelwood efforts in their states.  Read more

District apologizes after barring high school reporter from a press conference for asking too many questions

After an outcry, the district officials have since apologized and promised to make sure it wouldn't happen again.  Read more

Facing print cutback decisions, college papers look to restructure

At least 10 college newspapers have cut back on print days this semester — but they have all found different ways to approach the transition into a sharper focus online.  Read more

Embattled student editors skeptical of Playwickian newspaper budget cuts

The Playwickian, which made national news last year after administrators punished the paper for not printing the word Redskins, has had its budget cut to $2,000 for the school year. Read more

About 100 student newspapers with editorials about sorority rush were stolen

The stolen issues had a point/counter-point set of editorials about participating in sorority rush.  Read more

Butler spokesman is no longer adviser of the student newspaper

The chairwoman of the journalism school will now be the interim adviser of the Butler Collegian, although the original adviser is still fighting her dismissal.  Read more

Florida A&M student journalists and alumni outraged over university’s launch of a “real newspaper”

The university news site has been rebranded to serve as the "official source for FAMU news," even as the student paper's budget has been cut.  Read more

Engineering students steal more than 1,500 copies of student newspaper for class project

The student editor at Florida Atlantic University is waiting to see if the paper will be reimbursed for the cost of the stolen papers — estimated at about $950. Read more

Legal tiff between Purdue, student newspaper resolved

The year-long dispute over video footage of a confrontation between the student newspaper's photo editor and campus police ended this week.  Read more

Third Circuit court rules against teacher fired for blog posts bashing students

The court ruled that the school district did not violate the teacher's First Amendment rights, after she was fired for posting profane insults about her students on her blog. Read more

University dismissed student paper adviser, replaced her with university spokesman

The Butler University spokesman has promised he won't interfere with the Butler Collegian, but many say a conflict of interest is unavoidable. Read more