Students around the country join effort to defend free press with editorials

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Five tips for reporting on hiring searches for administrators

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Searching in secret: Hiring administrators is becoming less open and harder to cover

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From podcasting to magazine writing, these internships still have open deadlines

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The print edition of a Missouri university's magazine has been canceled. Editors say it's retaliation and censorship

While administrators at a private university near St. Louis say they killed a student magazine to ensure a digital focus, editors say it is retaliation for recent controversial articles. Read more

"Vexatious" FOIA requesters can be denied records for up to one year under new Connecticut law

House Bill 5175 was signed into law by Gov. Dannel Malloy on June 7, 2018. Under the law, a public agency can petition the state's Freedom of Information Commission "for relief from a requester that the public agency alleges is a vexatious requester." Read more

NEWS RELEASE: 500 organizations and individuals sign on to joint statement condemning mass murder at the Capital Gazette and negative environment for journalists

In the wake of the deadly shootings at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday, 500 organizations and individuals have signed a strong statement spearheaded by the Student Press Law Center calling for an end to the environment which threatens journalists. Read more

Looking for a journalism internship for the fall? Deadlines are coming up this month.

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NEWS RELEASE: Student photojournalist who sued to retain copyright for his work is vindicated

A Texas student whose high school insisted on claiming ownership of photos he took for use in student media publications dismissed his lawsuit against school officials this week after the school district backed down and acknowledged his ownership.  Read more

New Voices legislation dies in committee in New York and Minnesota, stalls in New Jersey

The last three states with pending New Voices legislation for this session, New York, Minnesota and New Jersey, all failed to move the bills out of committee. Read more

High school editor boycotts graduation after school suppresses sexual misconduct records and censors stories

Grace Marion, a senior at Neshaminy High School and editor-in-chief of The Playwickian, found the high school mishandled sexual assault and harassment complaints filed at the school. Read more

Tips for rescuing your student publication’s finances

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These paid journalism internships are still accepting applications

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SPLC sends letter to Texas school district to stop censoring student media, 17 orgs sign on

Following multiple instances of censorship of an award-winning online student newspaper and the ouster of its acclaimed adviser, the Student Press Law Center asks district administrators overseeing Prosper (Texas) High School to update its publications policy in line with the First Amendment right to free press. Read more

After months of criticism and bad press, Texas high school reverses prior review policy, allows editorials

Eagle Nation Online will not be subject to prior review in the upcoming school year.  Read more

Missouri scraps student press freedom bill for third year in a row

The Missouri Senate killed House Bill 1940, also known as the Cronkite New Voices Act, by not voting on it before the legislative session ended on May 18. Read more

Funding for a Virginia university's paper fully restored after being cut to $100

Funding for the University of Mary Washington's The Blue and Gray Press' print edition was slashed on April 27, cutting their budget from $13,665 to just $100. Read more

Between unclear state policies and privacy laws, finding concussion data can be a headache for reporters

School officials often deny requests for generalized concussion data, incorrectly citing privacy laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Sometimes concussion information isn't being tracked in the first place.  Read more

WEBINAR: Learn how to protect journalism advisers from retaliation

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