Fla. bill would allow universities to hire presidents, other executive positions behind closed doors

The bill would provide a public records exemption for any personally identifying information about an applicant applying to be president, provost or dean of a a state university or Florida College System institution Read more

Reversing district court decision, appeals court rules in favor of former Mississippi student punished for posting rap song online

An appeals court has reversed a district court’s 2012 decision that found a school district could suspend a student who uploaded to the internet a profanity-filled rap song alleging two staff members had inappropriate contact with students. Read more

Va. judge delays release of rejected plea deal in Washington and Lee U. manslaughter case

While he acknowledged the public has the right to access court proceedings and records, Judge Jay Swett determined the public’s access to the document would create substantial prejudice to the defendant’s fair trial rights. Read more

N.M. high school teacher resigns after student’s story about Jesus giving out marijuana stirs controversy

Katrina Guarascio, who taught for eight years at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, said she resigned on Dec. 3 because she didn’t agree with administrators’ “ultimatum” for her to develop stricter plans and discipline for her classes. Read more

Colleges handle sexual assaults inadequately, senators told

Too often, colleges operate in a vacuum and “act as judge and jury” in cases involving serious crimes, said Peg Langhammer, the head of Day One, a Rhode Island-based sexual-assault-resource center. More frequent collaboration with law enforcement would help to define what campuses should handle, Langhammer said. Read more

CUNY journalism student arrested while covering protest over Eric Garner’s choking death

A journalism student at the City University of New York faces a disorderly conduct charge after police arrested her Wednesday night at a protest over a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner. Read more

Supreme Court hears social media threats case

In the case Elonis v. United States, the Supreme Court will determine if a conviction for threatening another person on social media requires proof of the speaker’s subjective intent to threaten. Read more

Student journalists arrested for covering Ferguson protests

A student photojournalist at Tufts University was arrested Tuesday and charged with disturbing the peace while he was on assignment at a Boston rally where students protested a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Read more

Amid academic scandal, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student paper joins suit for employee disciplinary records

The news organizations’ lawsuit, filed in Wake County Superior Court, aims to declare disciplinary and current personnel records are public and compel the university to open the records for examination. Read more

Campus insecurity: An examination of crime and punishment on U.S. college campuses

The stories are part of an ongoing series — in collaboration with The Columbus Dispatch — to examine crime and punishment on college campuses across the country. Read more

FOIA improvement bill, approved in Senate committee, could benefit student journalists

A bill intended to amend the Freedom of Information Act passed the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously on Thursday and will now move to the Senate. Read more

Framingham State U. police question students about comments, news story about ‘domestic violence’ Halloween costume

A Framingham State University student plans to file a Title IX complaint against campus police after officers “threatened” her during an investigation into cyberbullying allegations. Read more

Closed student senate meeting violates Colo. Sunshine Law, student newspaper argues

he student newspaper and student government at Colorado State University have come to different conclusions on whether the student government is a public body subject to open meetings laws following a closed, executive session regarding the impeachment of a student senator. Read more

Second Oklahoma university agrees to release campus parking ticket records

Officials at Oklahoma State University announced they will release the names of students who receive parking tickets on campus, one day after the University of Oklahoma’s president said it would release the citations. Read more

Former Washington State U. professor agrees to settlement in free speech case

A former journalism professor at Washington State University has settled a free speech case with the institution over claims that university officials retaliated against him when portions of his plan to improve the school of communication upset them and some faculty members. Read more

U. of Oklahoma president orders release of parking ticket records after student paper joins editor’s suit

The University of Oklahoma’s president announced Wednesday the institution will release parking ticket records, reversing course after OU administrators and lawyers maintained for more than a year that the citations were exempt from disclosure under the federal student privacy law. Read more

Student assaulted, accused of recording Ferguson protest meeting

A University of Missouri-St. Louis student who uses an online platform to live-stream protests in Ferguson was hospitalized last week after five or six people threw him out of a church, where protesters had gathered to strategize, and beat him. Read more

FERPA amendment would establish ‘safeguards’ for student data privacy

As the prevalence of student data collection in educational institutions increases, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act’s use is once again in question. And while the proposed changes may not further restrict journalists’ access records, they also don’t alleviate any challenges. Read more

Ind. high school administrators tell student journalist to remove quote from story about same-sex marriage

Three weeks after submitting an opinion article to the student newspaper about same-sex marriage, a New Prairie High School student was told she had to remove one of the students’ quotes from the article before administrators would approve it for publication. Read more

N.J. college plans to sell FM signal in online auction to generate revenue

Citing declining revenue, officials at Camden County College tried to sell the institution’s FM signal through an online auction website last spring, but later pulled the listing when nobody placed a bid. Now, administrators plan to list it again and could transition the student-produced radio station to an online-only format. Read more