A Nebraska bill would allow universities to conduct more secretive presidential searches

A bill filed in Nebraska would require universities to only present a single candidate's name to the public during presidential searches instead of four.  Read more

Maryland and Illinois join nationwide anti-censorship movement by filing New Voices bills

Maryland and Illinois are the fifth and sixth states to introduce student press freedom legislation in recent months.  Read more

Mount St. Mary's student newspaper adviser fired after paper's investigation into president's emails

After the university president was quoted by the student newspaper as comparing freshmen to bunnies who need "a Glock to their heads," prompting national criticism, the adviser and a tenured professor were fired.  Read more

Texas student paper adviser and advertising coordinator pull strip club ad after reader backlash

The student editorial board slammed the decision by professional staff members to pull a strip club ad after media attention and reader backlash. Read more

Editors of the Daily Kansan filed First Amendment suit against university administrators for funding reduction

The Daily Kansan is alleging that the Student Senate cut its funding in half in response to an editorial criticizing the student government.  Read more

Florida appellate judge: Florida university allowed to withhold hazing records under FERPA

The student-run news site,, had sued the university in 2013 for redacting public records and shutting reporters out of disciplinary hearings. Read more

Student press rights bills in Washington, Missouri voted out of state committees

Both "New Voices" bills will now go to their state legislatures' rules committees after passing the initial committee votes.  Read more

Montana school district’s recall of controversial “Free the Nipple” edition of student newspaper met with criticism

The principal who allowed the issue to be published was suspended for three days without pay and the newspaper adviser was given a formal reprimand after the student newspaper containing topless photos and explicit language was printed.  Read more

Free speech advocates testified in support of Missouri student press freedom legislation

At a committee hearing on the New Voices of Missouri bill, there was no testimony in opposition to the anti-censorship legislation.  Read more

Missouri professor Melissa Click reaches deal on assault charge for threatening student photojournalist

The embattled professor, who is suspended from her job and undergoing an investigation by the university system's governing board, will complete 20 hours of community service with no jail time.  Read more

Copywrong: Students often clash with administrators over copyright law

Students and administrators frequently misunderstand copyright law and how it relates to student work, often leading to conflicts in schools.  Read more

Indiana House unanimously approves bill to make certain private university police records public

Some public access advocates are worried that the bill simply echoes the requirements set by the federal Clery Act instead of advancing transparency in private universities' police forces. Read more

Missouri professor Melissa Click charged with assault for threatening a student photojournalist

The Columbia City Prosecutor's Office has filed a third-degree assault charge against the professor who made national news for blocking a student photojournalist from covering a public protest.  Read more

Daily Tar Heel student editors protest general manager’s decision to not print paper during snow

The general manager of UNC-Chapel Hill's independent student newspaper made the decision on financial and safety grounds, but the student editor-in-chief said she should have been consulted. Read more

Washington Senate committee hears testimony on student press freedom legislation

Most of the testimony was supportive of enacting New Voices legislation in Washington state to protect student journalists at both high schools and colleges from administrative censorship. Read more

Free speech, behind the line

Several colleges across the country have attempted to restrict students' speech to "free speech zones," which have been ripe for lawsuits. Read more

Missouri representative files bill to educate college students in the state on free speech

The bill, which was filed in response to the University of Missouri protests, would require public college students in the state to take a course on the First Amendment.  Read more

Philadelphia high school student faces death threats, criticism over controversial column

The student journalist's column criticizing race-based protests at the University of Missouri led to such intense pushback that he now has a police escort to class. Read more

Eight Washington State senators sign on to sponsor student press freedom legislation

The Washington State Senate Majority Floor Leader sponsored the bill, which would protect student journalists at public schools and colleges. Read more

High school paper’s article on bell schedule results in censorship, threats to cut journalism program

When the student newspaper adviser publicized the censorship, the high school principal threatened to cut the 81-year-old student newspaper. Read more