New Voices bill reintroduced in Washington state legislature

After their efforts fizzled out at the end of the 2016 legislative session, legislators in Washington state on Tuesday reintroduced a bill that would provide greater protection for both high school and college journalists. Read more

Missouri’s New Voices movement resumes with a new bill

Press freedom advocates in Missouri are taking another shot at protecting the state’s student journalists. State Rep. Kevin Corlew, R-Kansas City, introduced a revamped version of the Cronkite New Voices Act on Jan. 5. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: SPLC board adds leading journalism educator, prominent D.C. litigator

The Student Press Law Center is honored to announce the election of Logan Aimone and Joe Esposito to its board of directors.  Read more

New Voices legislation launched in Indiana

The New Voices campaign is sprinting off the block this year with the first anti-Hazelwood legislation of 2017 being filed in Indiana. Read more

Veteran journalist Eisner heads SPLC’s newly elected leadership team

An acclaimed New York editor and a leading First Amendment lawyer expert in digital media will take charge of the SPLC's volunteer board, with renewed focus on fortifying support for fundamental press freedoms in schools and colleges. Read more


In the months since the 2016-17 school year began, a number of college newspapers have struggled with the theft or vandalism of their campus publications. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Report spotlights threats to college press freedom, calls on nation's colleges to end retaliation against journalists and advisers

A coalition led by the American Association of University Professors and the Student Press Law Center warns of escalating threats to the civic health of America's colleges as a result of the retaliatory removal of journalism advisers and other attacks on the freedom of the student media, calling for a "significant cultural readjustment" that values transparency and accountability over image control. Read more

Daily Tar Heel files complaint against UNC for sexual misconduct records

North Carolina’s major newspapers are joining forces with a student newspaper in demanding the state’s flagship public university release records pertaining to former students who’ve faced discipline for sexual assault. Read more

University of Kentucky victims seek to join lawsuit against student newspaper

Two of the victims reportedly detailed in a sexual assault and harassment investigation at the University of Kentucky are seeking to join the university in its lawsuit against the school’s student newspaper. Read more

Censored Liberty University columnist steps down from position at student newspaper

An attempt by Liberty University administration to censor one of its newspaper’s student columnists backfired with the widespread republication of a column criticizing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump across numerous national news outlets. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Award recognizes Central Florida college journalists for bucking aggressive campus secrecy tactics

The editors and staff of Knight News at the University of Central Florida were presented Oct. 22 with the annual College Press Freedom Award, in recognition of their extraordinary determination in pursuing disclosure of public records in the face of brutal attacks by their university. Read more

Montana Supreme Court rules against Jon Krakauer in FERPA open records lawsuit

The Montana Supreme Court has rejected the public release of disciplinary records related to a former University of Montana quarterback who had been accused of rape, ruling that the records of college students are entitled to stringent privacy protection. Read more

Investigative news agency filing public records lawsuit against University of Louisville Foundation

Kentucky’s two largest public universities are rivals in academics and athletics, but seem in recent weeks to have found common ground in an unlikely area: legal action surrounding their adherence to public-records laws. Read more

Big League – little speech

They announced the boycott through Twitter, vowing not to participate in any football activities until embattled Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned over perceived inaction toward an inhospitable racial climate. Read more

College Media Association censures private Catholic university for hobbling student newspaper

Saint Peter’s University, a private Jesuit institution in Jersey City, is facing censure by the College Media Association for violating its student journalists’ rights by shuttering the newspaper. Read more

If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em

In Kentucky and Florida, two universities seem to be exhausting all options to keep public records from their student papers – including suing their students. Read more

Attorney General of Kentucky files complaint against University of Kentucky in open records case

Kentucky’s attorney general says the commonwealth’s flagship university is willingly violating the law by refusing to hand over documents for the attorney general’s review. Read more

Universities are taking divergent approaches to handling campus speech, safe spaces, and trigger warnings

On one campus, the administration has said in no uncertain terms that students expecting “trigger warnings” shouldn’t hold their breath. On another, a center for inclusivity is pushing a set of language recommendations called “Just Words,”...  Read more

University of Kentucky sues student newspaper over withheld investigation records

The University of Kentucky filed a suit against its student newspaper Wednesday to appeal the state attorney general’s opinion that found the university had violated the state’s Open Records Act. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: SPLC brief supports opening Michigan Regents meetings

In a brief filed Wednesday, the Student Press Law Center and leading news-media organizations ask the Michigan Supreme Court to take on a case challenging the legality of secret “pre-meeting meetings” where trustees of Michigan universities discuss public business behind closed doors. Read more