California legislation aims to allow schools to search personal electronic devices

A new bill could end the protections of the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act for members of education institutions, including students. Read more

In unanimous vote, New Voices bill passes Arizona Senate, advances to House

New Voices legislation in Arizona is one step closer to becoming law after moving unanimously Monday through the state Senate. Read more

Students file complaint against George Mason University for records on Koch donations

Students at George Mason University are suing the school and its foundation for records of donations from private donors, according to a release Thursday. Read more

Update: Kentucky open records clash gains new participants at Western Kentucky University

The battle over Title IX records in Kentucky just got bigger, as Western Kentucky University and the College Heights Herald are joining the fight. Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Six open-government groups support UCF student journalists' suit seeking access to expense-account records

The SPLC and five open-government advocacy groups weighed in behind student journalists with Orlando-based Knight News in the University of Central Florida's appeal of a court order declaring student government expense reports to be public records. Read more

Federal rule change frees student journalists from Institutional Review Board requirements

Just before their exodus, joint departments of the Obama administration passed a rule clarifying the existing Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects. Read more

The Kentucky Kernel’s open records battle has multiple fronts

The Kentucky Kernel’s strategy of requesting records from multiple state universities seems to be paying off, if rulings at Kentucky State University and Western Kentucky University this week are any indication. Read more

Arizona education committee passes New Voices legislation

Student journalists in Arizona could soon see protection from administrative censorship after New Voices legislation was introduced in the state Senate and passed unanimously Thursday by the Senate Education Committee. Read more

North Dakota introduces bill to exempt university leadership applicants from open records law

A new House bill could make the applications for top positions in North Dakota’s state universities exempt from the open records law. Read more

Update: New Voices meets voices of opposition in Vermont

Representatives of school administrators are seeking to soften proposed legal protections for students journalists in a bill making its way through the Vermont Senate. Read more

Newspaper gets records hearing in sexual assault investigation of Utah State University

In a months-long records battle with Utah State University, Alex Stuckey of the Salt Lake Tribune said she considers her January 12 hearing with the Utah State Records Committee a “half-win” as they promise a result by mid-February. Read more

Minnesota high school newspaper files suit to access security video

Student journalists at St. Louis Park High School in Minnesota have filed a lawsuit against the school seeking access to a hallway surveillance video under the state open records act. Read more

Judge denies BYU's motion to dismiss lawsuit for campus police records

The Salt Lake Tribune has scored a win for campus transparency in what attorney Michael O’Brien called the “first round” in a fight for police records from Brigham Young University. Read more

North Dakota’s pioneer New Voices Law looks for an upgrade

North Dakota’s John Wall New Voices Act, the 2015 law that blazed the trail for today’s New Voices bills, is in line for an upgrade. Read more

Judge overturns AG decision in Kentucky Kernel records fight

The Eighth Division Fayette Circuit Court ruled Monday against the Kentucky Kernel student newspaper in its fight to obtain investigation records of a University of Kentucky professor accused of sexual misconduct. Read more

Newspaper files complaint against Ohio University over presidential search records

A reporter for The Athens News has filed a complaint in the Ohio Court of Claims after a request for background information about the semifinal candidates for the Ohio University presidency was ignored for over a month. Read more

Underground FERPA activism campaign sees mixed results

Students at one of the nation’s largest private universities are using a little-known tactic as a method of protesting unpopular decisions by university administrators: FERPA requests. Read more

Vermont introduces New Voices legislation, hears testimony in committee meeting

The introduction of Senate Bill 18 to the Vermont legislature on January 12 is only the latest attempt by Sen. Jeanette White, D-Windham, to codify press freedom for students in Vermont state law. Read more

New Voices bill reintroduced in Washington state legislature

After their efforts fizzled out at the end of the 2016 legislative session, legislators in Washington state on Tuesday reintroduced a bill that would provide greater protection for both high school and college journalists. Read more

Missouri’s New Voices movement resumes with a new bill

Press freedom advocates in Missouri are taking another shot at protecting the state’s student journalists. State Rep. Kevin Corlew, R-Kansas City, introduced a revamped version of the Cronkite New Voices Act on Jan. 5. Read more