The right stuff

For students and journalism educators, recent FAA clarifications on drone use are opening up the skies for aerial newsgathering. Read more

Legal Analysis: Can school boards restrict public comments?

Some school boards have taken to disallowing public comment in response to bothersome meeting attendees. This practice brushes up against First Amendment rights and heightened protections for political speech. Read more

A promise unkept

There is a contractual paradigm that prescribes First Amendment protection at most private universities through student handbooks and codes, but it’s not always fulfilled. Read more


In the months since the 2016-17 school year began, a number of college newspapers have struggled with the theft or vandalism of their campus publications. Read more

Reporting Out of the Mainstream

Alternative, online student media, like the Odyssey Online and the Tab, are becoming more popular on college campuses — sometimes causing rifts with traditional student papers.  Read more

Tug of war

For high school newspaper advisers, standing up for students’ free speech can come with a price. Read more

An unintended consequence of Title IX

Without clear direction from the Department of Education, some colleges are overreaching their authority into student media to demand compliance with the anti-sex discrimination statute. Read more

Access delayed – still waiting

An SPLC investigation reveals how Texas' private institutions are using a provision of the state's open records law to delay the release of police reports. Read more

Big League – little speech

They announced the boycott through Twitter, vowing not to participate in any football activities until embattled Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned over perceived inaction toward an inhospitable racial climate. Read more

Legal analysis: How far can schools go in limiting student speech online?

Some courts uphold student speech rights online and some courts allow school districts to punish students for such speech, even when it is done off campus.  Read more

Reading, and re-evaluating, the comments

As professional news outlets consider phasing out anonymous comments, college editors are considering their options.  Read more

Speech beyond the schoolhouse gate

School districts — and the courts — are trying to gauge how far administrators' reach goes when monitoring students' speech.  Read more

Erasing the narrative: Student journalists face an increasing amount of takedown requests

High school and college newspapers have been grappling with requests for content removal from former sources and contributors.  Read more

Turning free speech rights inside out

Schools and courts have been divided while navigating school dress codes and student's First Amendment rights. Read more

No laughing matter: College comedy papers struggle with 'political correctness' climate

College comedy publications have had to redefine the line between offensiveness and humor to appeal to a new generation. Read more

Language in transition: How student journalists cover transgender issues

Student journalists are working to balance clarity and sensitivity when covering transgender issues at school.  Read more

When campus discipline doesn't add up

Many large public universities report zero or nearly zero liquor law violations and drug abuse offenses — a side effect of the wide variations allowed in reporting campus crimes under the federal Clery Act.  Read more

At some universities, there are blurred lines between public relations and student media

Some universities have tried to blend traditional student journalism with public relations, prompting ethics questions and some raised eyebrows. Read more

Student journalists and online video: When are closed captions required?

New rules say that certain content delivered via the internet must be closed captioned. How does this affect student journalists?  Read more

Behind closed doors

Public access advocates have pushed back against university governing boards' closed-door meetings, resulting in legal action. Read more

Under the gun: Colleges debate trigger warnings

Colleges resist pressure to label 'triggering' curriculum despite student calls for more sensitivity when teaching controversial topics. Read more

Does your teacher make the grade?

Parents and educators debate the balance between the public's right to know and privacy when it comes to releasing teacher evaluation data. Read more

Copywrong: Students often clash with administrators over copyright law

Students and administrators frequently misunderstand copyright law and how it relates to student work, often leading to conflicts in schools.  Read more

Free speech, behind the line

Several colleges across the country have attempted to restrict students' speech to "free speech zones," which have been ripe for lawsuits. Read more

40 years later, Still Captive?

The most recent review of the state of high school journalism showed the latest struggles, and the progress made, since the first review in 1974. Read more

A culture of intimidation and mistrust with student media at Fairmont State

This past school year, student journalists at Fairmont State clashed repeatedly with administrators. Their adviser was dismissed and the students felt forced to resign their positions as editors. An SPLC investigation uncovered a culture of intimidation with student media at the university for the past decade.  Read more

Protecting student journalists in Michigan

The SPLC spoke with Jeremy Steele who is heading up the effort in Michigan to pass meaningful legislation that guarantees the rights of student journalists. Read more

Responding to the haters

Heightened with the prevalence of online commenting, student journalists frequently receive pushback from their own work. Often, the adversaries are their own peers. Read more

Shaking the foundation: Fighting for access to university nonprofit foundations

Public universities use private nonprofits to raise money. In order to track donor influence, one group is fighting for more access. Read more

The labor beat: How student journalists cover campus workplaces

Student journalists often face challenges when reporting on campus workers and workplaces. Read more