Fall 2013

‘Tinker Tour’ a chance for honest talk about state of student rights

Beating America’s education establishment in front of the U.S. Supreme Court made Mary Beth a believer in the ability of determined dreamers to accomplish improbable things. Fueled by that belief, she and longtime SPLC staff attorney Mike Hiestand successfully raised $50,000 from 225 donors, big and small, to underwrite the “Tinker Tour” that launched Sept. 17 from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Read more

Yearbook staffs and advisers guard against the potential for hoaxes

The May arrest of one student on felony charges following a yearbook prank was unusual, but dozens of other similar pranks occur yearly — to the chagrin of the yearbook staffs who try to prevent them. Read more

Student journalists work around Internet filters to reach audiences

Learning to use social media is a crucial skill for student journalists in the digital age, advisers say. At many schools though, school district-imposed Internet filters block most or all of the websites students need. Read more

D.C. middle and high school students collaborate to create newspaper

In a city with few student newspapers, a group of high school journalists have helped middle schoolers buck the trend and create their own newspaper to cover issues that concern them. Read more

Closed presidential searches proliferate among colleges across the country

Even in states where public records and open meetings laws make college president searches public, schools have found ways to keep the search secret, much to the chagrin of open government advocates. Read more

States make moves to protect students’ rights to online privacy

Nine states have passed privacy laws, with dozens more considering similar legislation. Now that the laws are going into effect, some schools are having to change policies, particularly with regard to athletes. Read more

Goldstein celebrates 10 years as SPLC attorney

Student Press Law Center Attorney Advocate Adam Goldstein has taken more than 13,000 calls to help student journalists fight for their work. And he’s still not tired of it. Read more

Protecting your yearbook: How to register the copyright to prevent piracy

Registering the copyright to your yearbook takes only a few hours of your time and protects the book for 95 years. Plus, it could even help your staff make some money. Read more

Using campus crime records

Use public records to learn more about campus safety at your school. Read more