Fall 2012

Hazelwood symposium to mark 25th anniversary

This coming January, America marks an anniversary that is no cause for celebration. Read more

Student journalists at one Kentucky high school put a new twist on an old practice to avoid their school's content restrictions

The threat of censorship creates a choice for student journalists: compromise or publish elsewhere. This spring, several journalism students at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Ky., chose the latter. Read more

When advisers say 'no': Palmer High School students fight to run yearbook pages

In rare situations, students facing censorship aren’t just battling the usual suspects – school administrators – but rather with the person charged with providing advice. Read more

Cutting Edge: Middle school yearbooks push boundaries

Where expression is encouraged, middle school students can produce journalism that rivals that done in high schools. Read more

Hand over your passwords, or else

An increasing number of employers are asking applicants for social media account information. In response, state legislators are drafting bills that would prohibit employers — and university admissions offices — from snooping into people's non-public chats. Read more

Bullying in the digital age

The explosion of social media and technology has opened doors to new outlets of communication. This has presented school administrators – and judges – with major questions about how First Amendment protections online may differ from those in person. Read more

The Facebook Standard: Minnesota Supreme Court lowers speech protections for some college students

Months after the Minnesota Supreme Court held that public universities can restrict the speech of students enrolled in “professional programs,” First Amendment advocates and Minnesota students continue to analyze the broader implications of the ruling. Read more

Hazelwood’s expanding influence

When making its ruling in Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, the Supreme Court stated in it’s opinion that it “need not now decide whether the same degree of deference is appropriate with respect to school-sponsored expressive activities at the college and university level.” The need to decide may not be far off. Read more

College students fight back against “free speech zones” that restrict student speech on campus

In recent years, there has been a significant amount of movement in the push to rid campuses of free speech zones, with groups like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education experiencing success at schools like West Virginia and Texas Tech. Read more

A new direction: J-labs turn classrooms into newsrooms

Today, journalism schools are increasingly transforming their classrooms into newsrooms – offering new opportunities for students but raising new legal and philosophical questions. Read more

Student Media, Inc.

Amid changes in the economy and mass media, college publications are adopting creative strategies to stay afloat. Read more

Is copyright law curbing our freedom in the digital age?

Because of the widespread confusion about copyrights, what they are and what they protect, a basic understanding of copyright law is essential for not only student journalists, but for anyone working with content from the Internet for just about any purpose. Read more

Using audit reports

Use audit records to check school performance. Read more