Fall 2006

Editorials under attack

Students around the country have their viewpoints silenced every year, and the 2005-06 school year was no exception. In Illinois, Indiana and Utah students faced efforts to prevent them from speaking their minds on topics such as immigration reform, homosexuality and sexually transmitted disease. Read more

Rays of hope amid dying legislation

As a result of Machesky’s censorship and a successful lawsuit by Dean, student press advocates in Michigan successfully lobbied state Sen. Michael Switalsky, D-Roseville, to sponsor legislation defending the rights of high school student journalists. Read more

Vending Control

But student press advocates say they are concerned that NEOLA’s cookie cutter method of drafting policies diminishes local input and that the policies’ vague language leads to confusion that can have severe consequences for students’ First Amendment rights. Read more

High school censorship in brief

Administrators seek dismissal of lawsuit over basketball players' petition OREGON -- School administrators asked a federal district court in June to dismiss a First Amendment lawsuit stemming from the suspension of eight members of the Clatskanie High School basketball team in 2001.Administrators filed a supplemental motion for summary judgment with the court to dismiss the remaining claims against them after a 9th U.S. Read more

Dropping names

Although it may at times be difficult to sort out, Kulenych said that Jonathan Law High School’s policy against publishing students’ last names and pictures online is designed to protect students from Internet predators. Administrators adopted the policy for the newspaper after it launched its site in 2004. Kulenych said some of his journalism students were at first confused and disappointed, but they have since accepted the policy. Read more

Censoring MySpeech

But some experts worry that the free speech benefits of online social networking are getting lost in the debate over Internet safety. Read more

Internet in brief

Gay-rights advocates sue after student expelled for profile Read more

Adviser out of a job despite national support, student protest

Since November, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the American Association of University Professors have come out in support of Fischler, asking the college to reinstate him. College Media Advisers has censured the college and Dolphin staff halted publication in protest of the administrators’ decision. Read more

Advisers in brief

Federal district court issues preliminary injunction; orders college to reinstate newspaper adviser Read more

New Georgia law opens crime records at private colleges; Massachusetts legislation falls short

By Whitney McFerron, SPLC staff writer GEORGIA -- Gaining access to campus crime records has often been an arduous task for journalists at private colleges and universities, but some states are taking steps to make all campus police departments subject to open records laws.On the last day of its session this year, the Georgia Legislature passed a bill that will provide journalists in the state with all new access to crime records at private colleges and universities, student press advocates say. Read more

Access in brief

Paper appeals after court denies access to crime recordsMICHIGAN -- A student newspaper has filed an appeal after a county circuit court in June denied the newspaper access to a campus police incident report about an assault that took place in February.The State News at Michigan State University filed the appeal in late July along with a motion to expedite proceedings. Read more

Confidentiality in brief

School asks student journalists to sign confidentiality agreementOKLAHOMA -- In what a school official has called a ''breakdown of communication,'' student journalists were told July 20 that they would not receive their paychecks if they refused to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibited the disclosure of certain university information.Copies of the agreement were sent to the office of The Daily O'Collegian, the student newspaper at Oklahoma State University. Read more

Libel and privacy in brief

Student paper faces $800,000 defamation lawsuitVIRGINIA -- A student newspaper is being sued for $800,000 on allegations that the paper published defamatory statements last year about a rape victim. Read more

California Dreaming

Student journalists in California have long enjoyed extensive free press protections. And if the state Legislature has its way, those freedoms may be expanded even more. Read more

Ask & receive?

These three words — designated public forum — have become important in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the Hosty v. Carter case. The Supreme Court’s refusal lets stand a decision out of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that could give public college administrators more ability to censor student media. Read more

Archiving the past: One man helps preserve student press history

Behrens’ job, as he would energetically tell you, is to serve as curator of the Student Press Archives at Utica College in Utica, N.Y. Behrens described the archives as “four large containers” that reside in the Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library at the college, but he quickly warned that looks can be deceiving. Read more

Help the SPLC defend student journalists for many years to come

Since 1974, the Student Press Law Center has been the only national organization exclusively devoted to providing free legal advice to student journalists and advisers and serving as an advocate for their free press and freedom of information rights. Please help the SPLC defend young journalists for years to come. Read more

Sex mag editors report differences in funding, no censorship

Student newspaper? Television show? At Yale University its name is a little less ambiguous, Sex Week at Yale: The Magazine. Read more

College censorship in brief

Two college papers challenge state regulation prohibiting alcohol ads VIRGINIA -- Two college student newspapers are challenging the constitutionality of a Virginia state regulation that prohibits college student publications from publishing alcohol ads.The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia filed a lawsuit in a federal district court in Richmond in June on behalf of the Collegiate Times, student newspaper at Virginia Tech, and The Cavalier Daily, student newspaper at the University of Virginia. Read more

Newspaper theft in brief

Editor salvages stolen newspapers, tries to redistribute on campusCALIFORNIA -- A student editor in California attempted to redistribute her student newspaper after finding nearly 2,000 stolen copies in a dumpster near campus.Jane Pojawa, editor in chief of El Vaquero, said she suspects administrators at Glendale Community College confiscated and trashed the June issue because of an article about recent student suicides on campus. Read more

Informed choices

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