Case Files

The Student Press Law Center has helped thousands of student journalists fight censorship battles. Here are some of their stories. 

SPLC Case File: High school journalists fight back against censorship and adviser's suspension

High school journalists' article about a teacher's dismissal was censored, which sparked a firestorm of controversy as the student journalists fought back, despite their adviser's suspension and other intimidation tactics by the school district. Read more

SPLC Case File: Censored college journalists sue administrators and launch an independent newspaper

Student journalists at Muscatine Community College in Iowa filed a federal lawsuit against the college and launched an independent newspaper after facing intimidation and harassment from school administrators and faculty. Read more

SPLC Case File: Fed up with prior review, student journalists started an underground newspaper

After being “fed up with the roadblocks” from school administration, students at duPont Manual High School in Kentucky started their own independent student newspaper, The Red Pen. Read more

SPLC Case File: High school reporter's investigative article was censored for three months for using anonymous sources

Adelina Colaku, then editor-in-chief of Northern Highlands Regional’s student newspaper, wrote an article exposing the misconduct of the district’s superintendent that was censored for three months. Read more

SPLC Case File: College administrators punished paper and cut its funding in response to investigative reporting

A committee of students and administrators docked the University of Memphis’ campus newspaper budget by 33 percent in apparent response to its aggressive investigative reporting on student government. Read more

SPLC Case File: High school paper slapped with a prior review policy after publishing a story on rape culture

The staff of the student newspaper fought back when their administration imposed a restrictive policy of prior review. Their efforts ultimately lead to a new district policy that respects student press rights. Read more

SPLC Case File: High school journalists punished for refusing to print the word "Redskins"

When the high school newspaper staff announced they would no longer print the name of the school’s mascot, the Redskins, administrators set a policy of prior review. The staff has consistently fought back against punitive measures from the school. Read more

SPLC Case File: A student editor's suspension over selling a video of an on-campus riot

A student was removed from his position as editor of his university’s paper after selling a video he captured of police pepper-spraying students during an on-campus brawl. Read more