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Federal appeals court hears oral arguments in Doninger case

(01/12/10 12:00am)

A public school's authority to discipline students for what they say or write "must necessarily be limited to the metes and bounds of school itself," an attorney for a Connecticut student told a federal appeals court today, during arguments in a First Amendment case challenging a school's authority to punish speech on an off-campus blog.

Student staff members resign from high school paper following censorship controversies

(01/21/10 12:00am)

After months of controversy with school administrators, 11 staff members--including the top editors--of Stevenson High School's Statesman resigned from their positions as of Wednesday evening. The students withdrew from their journalism class, which produces the publication.

Teachers' union seeks to prevent publication of critical article in Nev. student paper

(01/28/10 12:00am)

Churchill County High School's The Flash will go forward with publication this Friday, despite a grievance that has been filed against the Churchill County School District by the teachers' union requesting the prevention of publication and distribution of a student article included in the newspaper.