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Miss. bill could allow schools to punish students for off-campus social media posts

(01/28/15 4:02pm)

The bill would make it a misdemeanor if students post to social media to “intimidate or torment” another student or school employee. The bill would also criminalize statements — even if they are true — that are intended or are likely to provoke a third party to stalk or harass a student or school employee.

University presidents in New Mexico push for new exemptions in state public records law

(01/29/15 3:27pm)

The changes would exempt documents that identity the applicants for any public-sector job in the state, documents regarding alleged civil rights violations and proprietary university research. The amendment would give law enforcement agencies broader discretion to withhold from the public records that could “interfere with law enforcement proceedings” or constitute an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”

Baylor U. judicial board issues ‘no-contact order’ to student newspaper

(02/06/15 7:08pm)

The order disallows “contact with any member of the Court” regarding a recent student case except for procedural and substantive questions. According to the order, newspaper staffers’ violation “may result in the party being held in contempt of court” and referred to the dean for judicial affairs for further proceedings.

Student court at Baylor U. withdraws ‘no-contact’ order on student newspaper

(02/11/15 5:48pm)

Hours after the student activities department at Baylor University released a statement affirming the institution’s student court did not have the authority to issue “no-contact orders” to students not involved in current proceedings, the judicial board nullified an order it issued to the student newspaper last week.

U. of Tulsa administrator threatens to punish student journalists for investigating student’s punishment over Facebook posts

(02/12/15 4:26pm)

When George “Trey” Barnett was suspended from the University of Tulsa without a disciplinary hearing for violating the institution’s harassment policy and for sharing information about his pending disciplinary case, he asked the student newspaper to investigate.

Pa. bills could require university police agencies, state-related institutions to disclose additional information

(02/20/15 1:28pm)

One bill would require state-related universities — institutions that receive taxpayer dollars but get a majority of their funding from private donors — to create online databases disclosing budget, salary and contract information. The other bill would require campus police departments at all universities to comply with the same open records requirements as municipal police departments.

Following ‘no-contact’ order saga, Baylor U. student court denies press coverage

(02/23/15 1:08pm)

Chief justice Cody Coll told the student reporters that they could not photograph or record the court hearing Tuesday because it violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the federal student privacy law. The reporters were also asked to delete all information gathered before their dismissal from the court.

Texas bill would require private college police departments to make records publicly available

(02/23/15 5:06pm)

Sen. John Whitmire proposed a bill on Jan. 15 to amend the Texas Education Code to require police departments at private colleges to follow the state’s public records law just like other law enforcement agencies. The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice, which has not yet set a date for a public hearing.

Prosecutor could drop disorderly conduct charge against CUNY student journalist following protest arrest

(02/23/15 6:47pm)

A disorderly conduct charge against a student journalist, who was arrested while covering a protest over the non-indictment of police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Gardner, could be dropped if she does not get in trouble again before July.