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California newspaper sues university for access to police reports

(01/01/01 12:00am)

The Sacramento Bee filed a lawsuit against the University of California at Davis Jan. 16 to obtain university police reports. The Bee took legal action after the university declined to provide 13 police reports filed between August 1996 and January 2000 relating to crimes at a medical center in Sacramento and an additional crime on the Davis campus. The Bee filed a public records act request with the university Oct.

Florida student creators of parody Web site will not face criminal charges

(01/01/01 12:00am)

The Hernando County, Fla., State's Attorney's Office announced Jan. 18 that it will not press criminal charges against the student creators of a Web site that parodied their high school. Assistant State's Attorney Bill Catto said charges were dropped when prosecutors found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. The site, which was shut down by its server in December, contained stories that portrayed one teacher at Springstead High School in Spring Hill as a pedophile and another as a drunk, as well as doctored photographs of several school officials participating in sex acts. Although state prosecutors have concluded the investigation, Catto said civil suits could still be filed against any responsible parties. The U.S.

Washington school district pays more than $60,000 to student suspended for Web site parody

(02/01/01 12:00am)

Two years after administrators suspended him for his parody Web site, Karl Beidler finally has something to celebrate. Following negotiations between the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, which represented Beidler, and the North Thurston County School District, a judge approved earlier this month a settlement granting Beidler $10,000 in damages and $52,000 in attorney's fees. "We're very pleased with the decision," ACLU spokesman Doug Honig said.

Missouri student suspended for Web site comments settles with school district

(02/01/01 12:00am)

The American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri has wrapped up its case against Rolla Public Schools, agreeing to a settlement last fall with the school district it accused of violating the First Amendment rights of one of its students. The ACLU, which represented a former Rolla High School student suspended for a Web site comment, agreed to a confidential settlement with the Rolla Public Schools in September. Bryan D.

Univ. of Southern California student journalist wins right to run for campus senate

(02/01/01 12:00am)

A University of Southern California student won the right to run for student senate Feb. 11 after the judicial council said election rules forcing members of the campus media to suspend their media affiliation during their campaigns conflicts with university policy and is discriminatory. Paul Payne, editor of the Trojan Horse, a campus progressive student publication, challenged the student senate's election code, arguing that it discriminated against students who participated in campus media organizations.

University of Wisconsin student government threatens lawsuit over access to professor evaluations

(02/01/01 12:00am)

Members of the University of Wisconsin at Madison's student government say they plan to sue the school for access to professor evaluations. The Associated Students of Madison regularly publishes a compilation of professor evaluations for students, but it can only publish the evaluations that each department provides.