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The 24/7 school day: Webcam lawsuit alleges new level of "creepiness"

(02/18/10 6:58pm)

From the '“OMG — If This Is True…' Department" come stories from the Associated Press and the Philaelphia Inquirer today that the parents of a student attending school just outside Philadelphia have filed a lawsuit on their son’s behalf alleging that school officials used Webcams installed on school-supplied laptop computers to spy on students while at home. The suit, filed in the U.S.

Touching the third rail of school reform -- if teachers are accountable, why not principals?

(09/09/10 12:59pm)

When public school teachers are terrible at their jobs -- when their students consistently fail to learn anything, when they are demeaning or abusive to those under their supervision -- they can be denied pay raises, refused tenure, discharged and (in extreme cases) brought before teacher certification boards and stripped of their licenses.

UNL paper's architecture sex story prompts backlash

(02/10/11 1:05pm)

A Daily Nebraskan article that discusses the sex lives of University of Nebraska-Lincoln architecture students has caused a flurry of controversy for the newspaper. The story, which appeared in the arts and entertainment section, quotes multiple sources by their first names only, with an illustration alongside showing two students having sex on a drafting table.

Student media director’s departure leaves FAU department with ‘zero employees’

(02/14/11 8:00pm)

Student journalists at Florida Atlantic University no longer have a paid adviser to turn to after the student media director’s recent departure left the department with no employees. Former Student Media Director Marti Harvey sent the university a letter of resignation Jan.

#SJW11: Extra! Extra! Read All About It: My girlfriend can draw

(02/23/11 10:56am)

I went to high school in Alaska (fun fact: I graduated the same year as Sarah Palin, whose high school was about a half-hour away). And no, it wasn’t a one-room building lit by seal oil in the bare, frozen tundra; it was a modern, well-funded, well-equipped school of about 1,600. But as I often tell the many young journalists I speak to each year, about the only thing I can remember about what was called the student “newspaper” at my high school — in reality, just a bunch of stapled 8 ½ x 11” pages — was that it once published my girlfriend’s drawings (along with a really cute photo of her). Other hot topics included a photo collage of students’ cars, a story about the French Club fashion show, a quiz about college mascots, essays/poems about being the best you could be, an interview with the school receptionist about, well, being a school receptionist — and maybe some 3- or 4-week-old sports scores. In other words, it could hardly have been more irrelevant to my life and that of my classmates.

Humor us -- take steps to prevent comedy from becoming tragedy

(02/26/11 1:00pm)

“Dying is easy – comedy’s hard.” The origin of the Hollywood aphorism is murky, but its truth is undeniable.April 15 may be America's annual day of dread, but for those who advise student publications, it's April 1 -- the day that hundreds of Sara Silverman wannabes find out that they're much less funny than they think they are.Student journalists at Columbia University got off to an early start this year.

Peabody Award-winning NPR feature on campus sexual assault provides a road map for college journalists

(04/03/11 4:46pm)

The inability of campus disciplinary systems to deal adequately with sexual-assault cases has been a subject of intense media scrutiny. Rarely has the story been told with as much depth and effectiveness as in NPR's series, "Seeking Justice for Campus Rapes," in which multiple student victims came forward and told their stories on the record, putting their voices on-air and their faces online to dramatize the frequency with which forced sex goes unpunished. On Thursday, the producers of the "Seeking Justice" series were honored with one of 39 Peabody Awards, perhaps the most prestigious award in all of broadcasting, presented annually by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The series explores the impact on victims -- some of whom end up dropping out of school to avoid contact with their attackers -- when a student conduct system that was never designed to handle serious criminal offenses deals out little-to-no punishment. It also highlights -- for victims and for journalists -- the availability of a little-known resource, the U.S.

Va. administrators score a Muzzle award for spiking PE editorial

(04/13/11 5:29pm)

Albemarle High School joined the ranks of the Obama administration, airport security and the Smithsonian on Wednesday – and not in a good way. Administrators at the Charlottesville, Va., school were given a Jefferson Muzzle award Wednesday following a 2010 spat involving the school’s student newspaper. As the SPLC reported in June, copies of The Revolution were confiscated and destroyed because of an editorial suggesting student athletes be able to opt out of PE class.

College radio stations declare "moment of silence" to mark the "death" of independent student voices on the airwaves

(04/27/11 5:17pm)

Critics sometimes bemoan the "sameness" of programming across the over-the-air radio dial, but for one minute on Thursday, listeners truly will hear exactly the same thing whether they are in Missouri or Maryland or Michigan: The sound of silence. Not the Simon and Garfunkel classic, either.