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After WRAS deal, student opportunities under Georgia Public Media provide no unique benefits, former staffer says

(11/03/14 6:27pm)

A partnership with Georgia Public Media will not provide any specific benefits for student deejays at the university, members of the WRAS-FM student radio station said after a meeting with officials from the university and the state media network.

N.Y. Judge ends 9-year legal battle in high school newspaper censorship suit

(11/05/14 2:19pm)

Ending a nine-year legal battle, a federal judge dismissed a suit last week that aimed to declare the Ithaca City School District’s 2005 publications policy unconstitutional and to prevent the district from reimplementing it in the future. The judge’s dismissal ends a process that Robert Ochshorn and seven other 2005 Ithaca High School graduates who worked at the student newspaper, The Tattler, began in 2005.

U. of Oregon student senator reports ‘hurtful’ blogs to administration for possible student conduct violations

(11/05/14 2:37pm)

Miles Sisk, senate vice president of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon, said on Oct. 22 that he plans to give the IP addresses of blogs, containing content that Sisk said was a form of “cyberbullying,” to university administration for possible violations of student conduct if they were not terminated in 48 hours.

N.J. college plans to sell FM signal in online auction to generate revenue

(11/07/14 3:59pm)

Citing declining revenue, officials at Camden County College tried to sell the institution’s FM signal through an online auction website last spring, but later pulled the listing when nobody placed a bid. Now, administrators plan to list it again and could transition the student-produced radio station to an online-only format.

Ind. high school administrators tell student journalist to remove quote from story about same-sex marriage

(11/07/14 5:41pm)

Three weeks after submitting an opinion article to the student newspaper about same-sex marriage, a New Prairie High School student was told she had to remove one of the students’ quotes from the article before administrators would approve it for publication.

FERPA amendment would establish ‘safeguards’ for student data privacy

(11/10/14 11:35am)

As the prevalence of student data collection in educational institutions increases, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act’s use is once again in question. And while the proposed changes may not further restrict journalists’ access records, they also don’t alleviate any challenges.

U. of Oklahoma president orders release of parking ticket records after student paper joins editor’s suit

(11/12/14 6:23pm)

The University of Oklahoma’s president announced Wednesday the institution will release parking ticket records, reversing course after OU administrators and lawyers maintained for more than a year that the citations were exempt from disclosure under the federal student privacy law.

'Publicly funded,' not publicly accountable

(11/24/14 4:26pm)

Delaware and Pennsylvania are the only states with open records exemptions for “publicly funded” or “state-related” universities — institutions that receive taxpayer dollars but receive a majority of their funding from private donors. The laws permit UD, Delaware State and four other institutions — University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State University, Temple University and Lincoln University — to limit what information the public has access to.