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Disregarding judge's order, Mont. school board punishes creator of 'hot girls' Web page

(03/14/02 12:00am)

MONTANA -- The Great Falls school board decided Monday to defy a judge's order and expel a high school student who had posted photographs of female classmates on his personal Web site. The board's unanimous decision instructed Great Falls High senior Kenny Volk to transfer to C.M.

Fla. State U. student sues 'Girls Gone Wild' for invasion of privacy

(03/20/02 12:00am)

FLORIDA -- A college student featured on the cover of a "Girls Gone Wild" video has sued the makers of the video for invasion of privacy and unauthorized use of her image. Becky Lynn Gritzke, a business major at Florida State University, appeared in the 2000 Mardi Gras edition of the video and was also used on its cover, its Web site, and in television commercials for the product, according to court documents.

Suspect admits shredding 800 copies of Emporia State U. newspaper

(03/22/02 12:00am)

KANSAS -- "Active protest" against the student newspaper was the motivation behind last month's shredding of 800 copies of The Bulletin at Emporia State University. A student, whose name has not been released, "came forward and took full responsibility" for the incident a couple of days after it happened, Vice President of Student Affairs Diane Bailiff said. Residents of a dorm encountered about a foot deep of shredded newspapers the morning of March 1 with a note stating "This is a TEST!

'Killian Nine' student in Fla. loses appeal challenging strip search

(03/22/02 12:00am)

FLORIDA -- A federal appellate court has affirmed a district court's ruling that a student at Killian High School in suburban Miami did not have her constitutional rights violated when she was arrested and strip-searched for helping to distribute an obscene pamphlet at the school in 1998. Jailers who strip-searched Killian student Liliana Cuesta after her arrest had reasonable suspicion to do so "based upon the violent and threatening language and imagery contained in the pamphlet," the U.S.

Paper runs eulogies about two students shot in nation's capital despite principal's review

(03/27/02 12:00am)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Although their school newspaper is still young, student journalists at Eastern Senior High School are becoming familiar with the ins and outs of high school reporting -- the painstaking research, the breaking stories, the sometimes overbearing administrators. Principal Jerome Shelton threatened to hold up publication of the March/April issue of The Rambler, including front-page stories on two students who were fatally shot, because he said he did not have an opportunity to review the contents of the paper before it went to press.

Kan. school board involved in plagiarism case sued for open-meetings violations

(03/29/02 12:00am)

KANSAS -- Seven school board members are facing a civil lawsuit alleging five separate violations of the Kansas open-meetings law after the Piper Unified School District held a closed meeting last December. The board members met during a recess to discuss the meaning of plagiarism after Christine Pelton, a biology teacher at Piper High School, gave 28 students zeros for plagiarizing a botany project by using material from the Internet.

South African university protects student journalists who received threats for article on Zimbabwe

(04/03/02 12:00am)

SOUTH AFRICA -- Student journalists in Grahamstown have been threatened following the publication of an article about Zimbabwe's controversial presidential election. In response to the threats, Rhodes University is providing round-the-clock security for the staff of Activate. "We have had a number of suspicious characters asking questions about our Zim students and reporters," wrote Activate editor Natasha Joseph via e-mail. Robert Mugabe, the country's reigning leader of 22 years, was reelected to a new six-year term in mid-March.

Independent paper is latest victim at La. school district known for censorship

(04/05/02 12:00am)

LOUISIANA -- If there were a "Censor Olympics," St. Tammany Parish School District near New Orleans would likely take home bronze, silver and gold medals for its ongoing suppression of free speech. In the mid-1990s, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the district for banning the book Voodoo & Hoodoo and won. Then, in 2000 the ACLU again sued the district for a gag order it placed on parent Dana Thompson at a school board meeting.

Newspaper at Okla. university stolen for story on ex-football players facing trial

(04/09/02 12:00am)

OKLAHOMA -- Trials involving student athletes are definitely newsworthy. But at the University of Central Oklahoma, someone deemed the coverage of one such case too scandalous, stealing several thousand copies of the student newspaper. The Vista estimated that nearly 4,000 copies of its 5,000-copy press run were stolen March 14 from approximately 25 distribution bins.

Mich. principal censors investigative story and editorial on lawsuit facing school

(04/09/02 12:00am)

MICHIGAN -- Student journalists at Utica High School are fuming after their principal censored their award-winning school newspaper's coverage of a highly publicized pending lawsuit involving allegations that the school district's bus depot causes health problems for area residents. Principal Richard Machesky forced the Arrow staff to remove a front-page story written for the March 15 issue of the paper about a lawsuit the school faces from a resident claiming school bus exhaust fumes caused his lung cancer.

Stories on track team, student government provoke thefts at Fla., Ala. campuses

(04/11/02 12:00am)

The trend of newspaper thefts does not appear to be coming to a close any time soon. Eleven campuses have been hit in the spring semester, bringing the total to 23 for this academic year, as reported to the Student Press Law Center. At the University of North Florida, about 80 percent of The Spinnaker's press run was stolen last week.

U. of North Dakota professor wins libel suit against former student

(04/17/02 12:00am)

NORTH DAKOTA -- A physics professor at the University of North Dakota won a libel lawsuit against a former student on April 2 when a jury ordered that the defendant pay the professor $3 million. John Wagner filed the lawsuit earlier this year after one of his former students, religious studies major Glenda Miskin, posted an article titled "Kinky, Torrid Romance by Randy Physics Professor" on, a Web site she operates.

Judge dismisses Kent State U. paper from student's invasion of privacy lawsuit

(04/17/02 12:00am)

OHIO -- A county court has dismissed parts of a Kent State University student's invasion of privacy lawsuit, including the naming of the student newspaper and several of its staff members as defendants. D'Andra Mull was running for executive director of the student senate in spring 2001 when the Daily Kent Stater received a tip that she had misrepresented her grade point average in a story the paper did on the candidates.

Mo. school district considers free-speech policy for student journalists

(04/17/02 12:00am)

MISSOURI -- The Clayton School District board of education last week reviewed a student publications policy that supports student freedom of expression on a level that is almost unrivalled nationally. "The Board of Education encourages student production and distribution of official school-sponsored publications that can provide opportunities for practical journalistic expression for the written expression of differing opinions, and for the creation of a forum for the expression of opinions among the school district community on issues of importance to students and staff," the policy reads. "Because Clayton High School student journalists historically have exercised their powers and skills in a responsible, respectful and appropriate manner, the board encourages the administration to allow its student journalists to function with minimal oversight consistent with the trust and respect that its student journalists have earned," according to the policy.