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Sisley v. Seattle Public School District No. 1

(07/22/11 12:00am)

High school journalist Emily Shugerman wrote an article about slumlords for the March 2009 edition of The Roosevelt News. The article described the Sisley brothers, two landlords who owned a large amount of property near Roosevelt High School, as having “been accused of racist renting policies.” Hugh Sisley, one of the Sisley brothers, considered this statement defamatory and brought a claim to court against Roosevelt High School’s school district, Seattle School District No.1.

Private university's police refuse to release records

(08/01/04 12:00am)

The Washington University Police Department told Student Life that because it is an agency of the private university, it is not required to follow the Missouri Sunshine Law.In a letter to editor in chief Jonathan Greenberger, a university official stated, “Washington University not a ‘public governmental body.’ Therefore, the University is not subject to the Missouri Sunshine Law and other laws expressly applicable to public bodies, and the reports you seek are not open to public inspection,” Student Life reported.

Wash. Supreme Court rules state agencies can release records that detail employees’ misconduct investigations

(04/09/15 6:17pm)

In a 5-4 decision on April 2, the state's highest court reversed an appeals court’s ruling and determined such an investigation “is merely a status of their public employment, not an intimate detail of their personal lives.”