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Funding returned to Indiana college magazine; editors told to be "gentlemanly"

(12/01/02 12:00am)

A conservative magazine at Wabash College lost its funding and its standing as a recognized student organization after the student senate said its content was "ungentlemanly." Now, the senate has agreed to re-instate the magazine's funding, which was sought by student editors and First Amendment advocates.The Wabash Commentary was still placed on probation during the Dec.

Parents say secret campus court documents reveal Georgetown University student found responsible for son's death sentenced to write 10-page 'reflection paper'

(11/01/02 12:00am)

The parents of a deceased Georgetown University student revealed details last week of a disciplinary hearing concerning the classmate found responsible for their son's death. Debbie and Jeff Shick's son, David, died Feb.

Student reporters arrested while covering Washington, D.C., protests file federal lawsuit

(10/01/02 12:00am)

Four student journalists and three law students from George Washington University, who were arrested during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank protests in Washington, D.C., last month, filed a federal lawsuit October 15 claiming their constitutional rights had been violated by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, the U.S.

South Carolina middle school paper withheld for publishing political ads

(10/01/02 12:00am)

A school superintendent held up distribution of a South Carolina middle school newspaper, citing a district policy that prohibits printing commercial, political or religious advertisements in school newspapers.The first issue of The Chief?s Chronicle, the new student newspaper at Gaffney Middle School, contained three political advertisements purchased by candidates in the upcoming Cherokee County school board elections.

Homecoming parade floats threaten free speech on Wisconsin campus

(10/01/02 12:00am)

Members of six student organizations at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh have found a new use for their student-run newspaper. These students are now using the weekly newspaper for building homecoming parade floats.More than 3,000 copies of two separate editions of The Advance-Titan were stolen from high-traffic distribution sites on campus during a two-week period earlier this month.Editor in chief William Schwulst said during the past two years fraternities, sororities and other campus groups have made a habit of helping themselves to nearly half of the paper's 8,000-circulation distribution."Homecoming comes up and organizations are building floats," Schwulst said.

Controversial words remain in sex column, Florida college papers goes to press

(09/01/02 12:00am)

A four-day dispute over the use of questionable language in a safe-sex column ended Sept. 19 when administrators conceded censorship would disrupt the learning environment of journalism students. Seminole Community College administrators agreed to continue covering the printing costs for the student newspaper after delaying publication of its first edition for four days.

Confiscated of Georgia high school paper leads to very public debate

(09/01/02 12:00am)

The new DeKalb County School System Superintendent might have attempted to hush criticism by ordering the confiscation of additional copies of a high school newspaper that included disparaging remarks on his record. What Superintendent Johnny Brown?s alleged actions did instead was spark an uproar among some students, parents and teachers at Chamblee Charter High School and debate in the editorial pages of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The furor followed articles written in the Blue and Gold student newspaper by students Alan Simpson and J.C.