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Student journalists at Iowa community college allege harassment, intimidation in First Amendment lawsuit against administrators

(05/06/15 6:55pm)

Administrators at Muscatine Community College also took actions to remove The Calumet’s full-time faculty adviser and replace him with a part-time adjunct instructor, modify the fall 2015 class schedule “to marginalize the journalism program” and reduce funding to the program, according to a complaint filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa.

Ohio Supreme Court rules in favor of student journalist, opening private university police records

(05/21/15 3:54pm)

In a 4-3 decision, the Court ruled the Otterbein University Police Department can be compelled to produce public records because it employs sworn, state-certified police officers, who have the same arresting authority as municipal police or a county sheriff.

First Amendment protects students' right to distribute non-student-produced publications, Washington court rules

(06/08/15 4:55pm)

A federal court struck down as unconstitutional an Everett, Wash., school policy forbidding students from distributing literature they didn't create. The ruling was a partial victory for a high school senior who was disciplined for violating the ban by handing out religious literature promoting his faith.

Calif. students say principal forbade them from reporting popular debate coach's firing

(06/08/15 6:46pm)

Editors at a Pasadena-area high school say their principal ordered them to water down coverage of a popular teacher's removal, claiming it would invade the teacher's privacy. A local ACLU lawyer is asking the district to investigate whether the school censored not only the journalists, but also students who planned to protest the teacher's firing but were pressured to cancel the demonstration.

Rider tacked onto Wisconsin state budget would limit public access to searches for top university jobs

(06/10/15 3:05pm)

In a proposal slipped into the state budget that wasn't considered through the normal process for bills, Wisconsin legislators are proposing to repeal a requirement that makes public universities disclose the top five candidates for chancellor, president and other top positions. Instead, the public would be entitled only to the names of those "seriously considered," which might be just one name. Open-government advocates are decrying the maneuver as a step backward for public accountability.

RELEASE: Protect students’ rights to express dissent with school dress codes, SPLC tells federal appeals court

(06/25/15 7:14pm)

In a friend-of-the-court brief with a federal court of appeals, the Student Press Law Center argues that a ruling which allowed a Nevada school to punish two brothers who non-disruptively protested a school uniform code should be overturned, on the basis of the First Amendment.