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New Jersey adviser removed from position as principal recommends cutting journalism class entirely

(06/25/14 12:00pm)

Students at a New Jersey high school may return to school next fall to find their journalism classes no longer exists after the school's principal did not recommend the renewal of the journalism and advanced journalism courses for the fall semester.

Neshaminy administrators confiscate newspapers printed by student editors without principal's approval

(06/13/14 12:00pm)

Neshaminy High School administrators confiscated the student newspaper’s final issue of the year Friday, after students printed the paper without administrative approval following renewed disagreement over the students’ ban on the word “Redskins.”

After students protest, Georgia State University pushes back start date for deal giving broadcasting network daytime programming hours on WRAS-FM

(06/02/14 12:00pm)

Georgia State University has postponed the start of a deal that will switch WRAS-FM daytime broadcasting to Georgia Public Broadcasting after a nearly month-long protest by student and alumni deejays and supporters.

Daily Bruin editors criticize student judicial board's ruling concerning candidate interviews with the press

(05/28/14 12:00pm)

Editors at the University of California Los Angeles’ student newspaper are dissatisfied with a ruling from the undergraduate Judicial Board that sidestepped the issue of whether candidates can be punished for giving interviews to the press.