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University of Central Florida: Fraternity discipline records protected by FERPA

(11/06/13 1:36pm)

Responding to a public records lawsuit filed earlier this year, the University of Central Florida told a judge this week the school cannot provide student journalists unredacted records relating to Greek fraternities’ disciplinary hearings because the records are protected under a federal education privacy law.

SUNY Oswego denies student newspaper's request for fraternity disciplinary records, citing FERPA

(11/13/13 4:36pm)

NEW YORK — The State University of New York at Oswego refused to release records about discipline against Greek houses to The Oswegonian last week, saying the records could have revealed private information. The school cited FERPA, a federal law designed to protect educational records.

Michigan high school graduate asks court to reconsider after judge says names of expelled students aren't public records

(01/16/14 2:04pm)

A recent graduate is contesting a judge’s recent decision to side with a Michigan school district in a lawsuit over a former student’s request for the names of expelled students, arguing that the school is hiding behind FERPA, a federal student privacy law.

Illinois districts adopt policies in response to law setting boundaries for schools' social media password demands

(02/14/14 12:00am)

A new Illinois law offers college and high-school students a limited measure of protection against school demands for their social-media passwords. But advocates disagree whether the statute represents a curb on schools’ ability to snoop, or a grant of greater — perhaps unconstitutionally greater — snooping authority.

Ohio bill would impose limit on schools requiring access to students' private social media accounts

(03/05/14 5:54pm)

A bill introduced earlier this year in Ohio would, with some exceptions, make it illegal for schools to require students to turn over access to their social media accounts either as a condition of admittance or under threat of disciplinary action.