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TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: We shouldn't need to explain this, but... the ADA isn't an excuse to conceal public records

(04/24/12 8:42pm)

Colleges are nothing if not laboratories for experimentation with out-on-the-edge ideas. No thought is too wild, no notion too extreme, that it cannot be tested in the intellectual marketplace of the college campus. That certainly is true of the alibis that college administrators give for refusing to honor requests for public records.

Campus preacher prevails in 1st Amendment challenge to Tenn. college's permit rules

(04/28/12 5:02pm)

A public university can't make a speaker wait 14 days for a permit to give a talk or distribute literature on campus sidewalks, or give notice of the topics he intends to address, a federal appeals court ruled this week. John McGlone, an evangelical Christian preacher from Kentucky, brought suit against Tennessee Technical University after being told to leave campus property during two April 2009 visits because he had not complied with TTU's speaking permit rules. A federal district court threw out McGlone's case.