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Public records key to Ohio high school newspaper's scoop in story about on-campus sexual assault

(10/16/13 3:48pm)

When two high school students walked into their local police station and asked to see a public record, they were given what one of them called “the runaround.” But they stuck it through 'til the end, and that end was a scoop that later ended up on TV and radio stations across Cleveland.

Ohio considering legislation to make some private school police subject to public records laws

(01/24/14 3:20pm)

Though police officers employed by private colleges and universities in Ohio are authorized to uphold and enforce the law like any other officer, their records are kept under wraps, not subject to public records law. This may change with legislation introduced Tuesday that would make public the records kept by a police department established by either private colleges and universities or qualified nonprofit corporations, like hospitals.

Grant will help Otterbein student journalists challenge limited access to campus police records

(01/10/14 12:40pm)

A year ago, Jordan Bradley detailed in the SPLC Report how student journalists at Otterbein University have had difficulty gaining access to campus police reports. The troubles started in 2011, when the Ohio school's security team was converted into a commissioned police force, said Hillary Warren, who advises The Tan & Cardinal. Then, campus police began responding to incidents that city police once handled. At first, campus police didn't release any records, even those required under the Jeanne Clery Act, Warren told us.

ESPN's quest to open Notre Dame police records gets a huge assist

(08/15/15 3:29pm)

Indiana's attorney general has thrown the state's influential weight behind a lawsuit seeking access to police records at Notre Dame, whose attorneys claim the private institution is exempt from the state public-records act. Sports network ESPN is trying to make Indiana the third state this year to declare private-college police reports open for public inspection.