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Crime under wraps

(08/01/03 12:00am)

Although federal law permits the disclosure of records of the outcome of disciplinary proceedings when a student is found responsible for behavior that would constitute a violent crimes or a nonforcible sex offense, many college say they would rather maintain the students’ confidentiality. Others said they were either compelled or restricted from releasing the records under state law, but many of those schools were in agreement over their concern for students’ privacy.

La. may allow minors to use open-records law

(05/01/04 12:00am)

If passed, the bill will amend the Louisiana Public Records Act to allow minors like Baker access to public records, something the current law prohibits. Barker, who helped convince a state legislator to file the bill, wants the bill to pass so that he can successfully file an open-records request as a minor, just to sweeten the icing on his birthday cake.

It's a jungle out there

(08/01/04 12:00am)

Georgia Dunn was not surprised when she learned that Ohio school districts performed poorly in an Ohio Coalition for Open Government study gauging compliance of the state’s open-records law. The audit’s results, released in June, showed school districts released records the same day or the next less than 30 percent of the time -- the lowest rate of any type of public body included in the statewide audit. Dunn, Ohio Journalism Education Association state director, said compliance with open-records laws has not been a high priority for schools.

Calls to SPLC legal help hotline jump in 2003

(12/01/04 12:00am)

A total of 355 high school and college student journalists contacted the Center for help on freedom of information-related matters last year, up from just 262 calls during the previous year. The Center's finding echoes reports by commercial news media and citizen groups nationwide that, in the wake of the September 2001 terrorist attacks, government agencies have tightened control over previously available government information.

Student journalists fighting for access to documents and records are not always found in the courtroom. More often these students are engaged in everyday battles

(09/01/05 12:00am)

These obstacles can delay or prevent the public from obtaining information that could protect students from violent crime, potential health hazards or simply learning how state money is being used.

Copyright law protects U. of Missouri course syllabi from public disclosure, state court rules

(09/02/14 6:00pm)

The University of Missouri System does not have to release course syllabi because they are protected by copyright laws, a state appellate court ruled last week — a decision the National Council on Teacher Quality plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pa. bills could require university police agencies, state-related institutions to disclose additional information

(02/20/15 1:28pm)

One bill would require state-related universities — institutions that receive taxpayer dollars but get a majority of their funding from private donors — to create online databases disclosing budget, salary and contract information. The other bill would require campus police departments at all universities to comply with the same open records requirements as municipal police departments.

Rider tacked onto Wisconsin state budget would limit public access to searches for top university jobs

(06/10/15 3:05pm)

In a proposal slipped into the state budget that wasn't considered through the normal process for bills, Wisconsin legislators are proposing to repeal a requirement that makes public universities disclose the top five candidates for chancellor, president and other top positions. Instead, the public would be entitled only to the names of those "seriously considered," which might be just one name. Open-government advocates are decrying the maneuver as a step backward for public accountability.