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Parents challenge school's 'I Heart Boobies' ban in federal court

(11/15/10 3:22pm)

The parents of two middle school students sued a Pennsylvania school district Monday over its ban of the controversial "I Heart Boobies" cancer awareness bracelets. The suit alleges that the Easton Area School District violated the free expression rights of the two girls, identified in court documents as "B.H." and "K.M.," when it banned students from wearing the bracelets last month.

New guidelines may provoke confusion as Clery Act marks its 20th

(11/08/10 9:53am)

Jeanne Clery lost her life in April 1986, but there is no telling how many lives have been saved since then due to her family's tireless work to make sure that college students have adequate warning of campus safety threats. The Jeanne Clery Act took effect twenty year ago (November 8, 1990), an enduring memorial to the 19-year-old Lehigh University student who was murdered in her dorm room by a fellow student.

Hasta la vista, transparency - Sen. Yee's attempt at reforming university foundations falls victim to Terminator 2

(11/15/10 11:39am)

True Movie Trivia Fact: Actress Linda Hamilton suffered lasting hearing impairment as a result of loud gunfire on the set while filming "Terminator 2." So perhaps this provides a medical explanation for the deafness of her co-star, California Gov.

AG Cuccinelli's go-ahead to search student cell-phones raises Fourth Amendment questions

(11/29/10 10:37am)

In the understandable haste to spare kids from the brutal impact of bullying, some school systems are pushing against constitutional boundaries to assert authority not only to seize students' cellphones but to read the messages stored on them. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli waded into this controversy in a November 24 opinion issued at the request of a Virginia legislator, Robert Bell.