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Parking garage protester (and campus free speech) prevails in the 'Peach State'

(09/08/10 12:23am)

A student expelled from a Georgia university for challenging the then-university president’s decision to spend $30 million of student fee money to build two campus parking garages has won his lawsuit against the school. On Friday, a federal district court judge in Georgia found that former Valdosta State University President Ronald Zaccari acted illegally in 2007 when he ordered former VSU student T.

Touching the third rail of school reform -- if teachers are accountable, why not principals?

(09/09/10 12:59pm)

When public school teachers are terrible at their jobs -- when their students consistently fail to learn anything, when they are demeaning or abusive to those under their supervision -- they can be denied pay raises, refused tenure, discharged and (in extreme cases) brought before teacher certification boards and stripped of their licenses.

"State of the First Amendment" 2010: The public is smarter than those running public schools

(09/16/10 5:47pm)

Principals who are asking courts, legislatures and school boards to grant them unchecked authority to regulate what students say on social-networking sites during their off-hours may be swimming against the tide of public opinion. Just in time for Constitution Day, our friends at the First Amendment Center are out with their annual "State of the First Amendment" poll, a telephone survey of 1,003 adults nationwide taken between July 28 and Aug.

USA Today: Schools hike (and hide) student fees to support athletic programs

(09/23/10 6:50pm)

USA Today’s reporters put state and federal disclosure laws and NCAA regulations to work in publishing a series of stories showing how much students and their parents at 222 Division I public universities pay in fees, often unknowingly, to support their schools’ athletic programs. Their reporting found, for example, that when students at Norfolk State University in Virginia write their check to the school for the 2010-11 school year, nearly a quarter of the total — $1,440.60 — will go to support the school’s athletic programs.