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Report: Most Americans think students should be free to post about school administrators on social media

(07/06/15 3:41pm)

A new survey conducted by the Newseum Institute's First Amendment Center found that 60 percent of Americans think that students should be allowed to post their opinions about school administration on social media, without the threat of punishment. 

Court rulings bolster public access to police videos

(07/12/15 1:24pm)

A recent court ruling puts Pennsylvania in the majority camp of states that have judicially recognized a right of public access to videos shot by automated cameras on police-car dashboards. Dash-cam videos have at times helped exposed police wrongdoing, though opponents argue that the videos can needlessly embarrass those being stopped by police.

Appeals court's "ethnic studies" ruling fortifies students' rights to receive information

(07/20/15 4:46pm)

A federal appeals court allowed student plaintiffs to go forward with due process and First Amendment challenges to the state of Arizona's decision to eliminate "ethnic studies" courses from the K-12 curriculum. The court's 3-0 decision is remarkable for recognizing that students have a constitutionally protected right to receive information even in the classroom setting, a principle that may strengthen the hand of future student plaintiffs.

Minutes of school-board personnel discussions can be released for public inspection, N.C. court rules

(07/24/15 4:33pm)

A North Carolina school board tried to withhold the minutes of a closed-door discussion about the school superintendent's employment contract, claiming the minutes were a "personnel record." But a state appeals court disagreed. The ruling is a reminder that, despite what school lawyers often insist, not everything about personnel decisions is off-limits to journalists' scrutiny.