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Schools' overreaching, and mounting evidence of its civic damage, means Hazelwood will soon be a ghost of Christmases past

(12/24/10 5:18pm)

If it is true that "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous," then America's young people have been handed a Christmas blessing that, as with so many blessings, comes disguised as a lump of coal. It is difficult not to see divine providence in the confluence of Dec.

The Twelve Rules of Christmas — Plus One

(12/03/10 3:54pm)

Twas’ bout a month before Christmas when the calls first appeared. Student editors with the most frightening tales —  Oh Dear! They interview, they research, they write, write, write, write. But when it comes time to publish, they receive such a fright! The Principal, Headmaster, The Dean or Whomever has told them to stop, “Do not pull that Print Lever!” So what dastardly phrase, what horrible quip has led to this Dark Act of censorship? My mind goes a-racing as I await words most foul... The f-word?

'I ? Boobies' dispute may clarify schools' ability to police 'lewd' speech

(12/17/10 9:09pm)

The future of students' ability to express themselves on the grounds of public schools is dangling from a $3.99 rubber bracelet. A federal court heard testimony Thursday in a First Amendment lawsuit brought by two Pennsylvania middle school students disciplined for refusing to remove breast-cancer awareness bracelets bearing what their administrators considered a "lewd" message: " I ? Boobies!

School districts chafing at cyberbullying liability should have heeded the "Spider-Man Rule"

(12/23/10 4:08pm)

The U.S. Department of Education's broadside warning that school districts may violate federal civil-rights law if they fail to prevent "cyberbullying" is provoking some pushback from the nation's school districts. The chief legal counsel for the National School Boards Association, Francisco Negron, told the DOE earlier this month that the Department's recent reinterpretation of the Title IX of the Civil Rights Act dangerously lowers the threshold for holding schools liable for student-on-student harassment. In a Dec.

Thank God you graduated? In Montana, sure. In Colorado, no way. Are we all reading the same Constitution?

(12/29/10 6:15pm)

In a ruling that breaks with the prevailing approach of federal courts, Montana's highest court has limited the ability of public schools to dictate what students can say in addressing graduation ceremonies. The Montana Supreme Court's 6-1 ruling in Griffith v.