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Louisiana court ruling eases journalists' access to education data sets -- but are school lawyers paying attention?

(10/31/16 10:30pm)

Misapplying federal privacy law, education agencies have been withholding access to data when the data involves a small group of students, even where nothing about the data is matchable to a known individual. That should happen less frequently after a Louisiana court's favorable resolution of an unusual public-records lawsuit. 

Shouldn't have to say this, but three judges just did: If your college forces you to be molested by your classmates, you have a First Amendment right to complain

(10/05/16 5:41pm)

Students at Florida's Valencia College who complained about being forced to serve as test subjects for vaginal ultrasound exams will get their day in court, after a three-judge federal appeals panel restored their First Amendment claim and sent the case back for trial.

Federal judge smacks down Northern Kentucky's reliance on FERPA privacy to keep secrets in student's sexual-assault lawsuit

(10/30/16 4:12pm)

Northern Kentucky University has repeatedly insisted that the FERPA privacy statute forbids disclosure of any information about how it responds to students' claims of sexual assault, but a U.S. district judge has now sanctioned the university's legal counsel for over-reliance on FERPA to obstruct a student's Title IX lawsuit.