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TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Journalists requesting public records from colleges are being treated like dogs. This Sunshine Week, it's time to unleash some shame.

(03/12/13 10:08pm)

A federal privacy law meant to safeguard student grades, transcripts and disciplinary files continues being misapplied to obstruct public accountability, even where no legitimate privacy interests are at stake. Exhibit A is the University of Oklahoma's stubborn insistence that parking tickets are "confidential education records" under FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Reporting on Steubenville rape case a timely reminder on publishing names of juveniles, crime victims

(03/18/13 2:03pm)

In the explosion of media coverage accompanying Sunday's judgment against two teenage Ohio student athletes in the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl, at least one broadcast news outlet aired courtroom footage in which the victim's name was audible.

The Bill of Rights: Not just for the big kids anymore. (At least in three states.)

(03/22/13 7:57pm)

Students in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are fortunate to live within the boundaries of the federal Third Circuit, one of the last remaining provinces in America that honors the promise of the First Amendment to all citizens, even the youngest. Three judges on the Third Circuit U.S.

Google never forgets: Seventh Circuit finds no right to force search engines to block access to embarrassing public records

(03/23/13 3:54pm)

The ability of search engines to dredge up unflattering facts has provoked global debate over whether people should have a legal "right to be forgotten" -- that is, a right to demand that embarrassing personal details be taken offline.

TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Mining the courthouse to explain the human impact of college student loan debt

(03/26/13 6:10pm)

As a combined result of the difficult job market and the crushing expense of student loan debt, many thousands of recent graduates are experiencing an unwelcome "reunion" with their colleges -- in court. The enormity of how much students owe is well-documented.