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Citing New Federal Campus Crime Law, Missouri Judge Orders School to Release Campus Court Records

(02/01/99 12:00am)

In the first case involving application of the federal campus crime reporting laws enacted last fall, a Missouri judge ruled on January 26 that Southwest Missouri State University was required to open certain student disciplinary records to the public. Three days after the ruling, the university released the names of five students who had been found guilty in campus judicial proceedings of violent or sexual offenses.

Football player attacks student over anti-violence editorial

(02/01/99 12:00am)

The Associated Press reports that an Arizona high school student wrote an editorial in his high school newspaper "decrying a culture of violence and the football heroes of today who become the 'spouse abusers, drunks and hamburger flippers of tomorrow.'" As a result of his editorial the student journalist said he was beaten up in early January

U.S. Senators Once Again Seek to Require Filtering Software in Schools and LIbraries

(02/01/99 12:00am)

Congress is taking another stab at requiring public schools and libraries to install blocking software on computers. Proposed legislation provides that schools receiving federal funds for internet hook-ups must install filtering software that keeps students from seeing material on the internet that would be deemed "harmful to minors." The same thing would be required of public libraries that receive federal funds.

Wisconsin High School Student Suspended for 5 years for Underground Newspaper

(03/01/99 12:00am)

A 16-year-old photo editor of the Wisconsin Dells High School newspaper was expelled from school for five years in February after distributing an underground newspaper on school grounds that officials found offensive. The student, Joe Krahn, will also not be provided any alternative educational programs and is not able to reapply for admission to the district, school officials said. Krahn, who is also the photo editor and a reporter for the high school's official student newspaper, The Chieftain, received the punishment after a 5-1 vote by the school board, banning him from high school until the age of 21, when the school district holds no obligation to provide him with an education.

Studenmt in Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia suspended for Creating Off-Campus, Private Web Sites

(03/01/99 12:00am)

Think that what you do behind your closed bedroom door at eleven o'clock at night is up to you? Well, apparently some high school principals think otherwise. High school officials across the country continue to punish students for creating off-campus, private Web sites that dare to criticize school officials and policies.

Dayton Daily News Exposes Hidden Justice System at University of Dayton

(03/01/99 12:00am)

Between 1997 and 1998, University of Dayton campus police records show that there were nine reports filed with the university's public safety department alleging "unlawful sexual intercourse." None of the complaints were forwarded to city prosecutors, according to the university, but were instead handled through the school's internal and secret campus justice system. This is just one of a number of revelations made regarding UD's campus justice system in the February 28, 1999, issue of the Dayton Daily News.