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TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: This just in... lawyers have to obey the law

(01/08/13 10:09pm)

Like it or not, attorneys who work on contract for government agencies -- and, it turns out, even those whose payment flows through government agencies' insurance companies -- must let the public know what they're charging for. That's the bottom line of a new ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court that comes just a few months after courts in California and Ohio reached the same conclusion.

Are governments with stronger FOI laws also more corrupt? A new study challenges "good government" assumptions.

(07/05/13 11:17am)

Does a well-enforced freedom-of-information law lead to more honest government? Intuition says "of course," but a newly released study by a University of Missouri researcher challenges that assumption. Doctoral student Edson C.

From the SPLC Legal Network: A new FOI obstacle for journalists who need access to student testing data

(09/19/17 5:58pm)

A recent opinion by the Virginia Supreme Court illustrates just how closely requests for teacher-specific information can be scrutinized, and drives home the importance of carefully considering an open-records request before making it.