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Ill. bill would require additional transparency at private university police departments

(03/10/15 6:13pm)

A proposed amendment to the Private College Campus Police Act would require campus police departments at private universities, including at the University of Chicago, to publicly disclose any information that other law enforcement agencies are required to provide under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: This just in... lawyers have to obey the law

(01/08/13 10:09pm)

Like it or not, attorneys who work on contract for government agencies -- and, it turns out, even those whose payment flows through government agencies' insurance companies -- must let the public know what they're charging for. That's the bottom line of a new ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court that comes just a few months after courts in California and Ohio reached the same conclusion.

TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Federal appeals court puts a stop to the "FOIA death spiral"

(04/02/13 7:29pm)

For years, federal agencies have been freezing journalists in public-records purgatory with a maddening tactic: The "thanks for your request, we'll respond to it (someday)" letter. It's the bureaucratic equivalent of the spinning beach ball of death, and twice as frustrating. Getting the "non-response response" letter trapped the requester in a no-win predicament.

Are governments with stronger FOI laws also more corrupt? A new study challenges "good government" assumptions.

(07/05/13 11:17am)

Does a well-enforced freedom-of-information law lead to more honest government? Intuition says "of course," but a newly released study by a University of Missouri researcher challenges that assumption. Doctoral student Edson C.

TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Illinois ruling confirms U can FOIA txts -- 2G2BT

(07/30/13 9:59pm)

The public is entitled to know what city council members are talking about during meetings. Even when their thumbs are doing the talking. That's the takeaway from a new ruling from an Illinois court, which affirms that messages exchanged by government officials -- even on their personal cellphones -- are public records that must be produced on request. In City of Champaign v.

TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Public records -- delivered hot and oven-fresh... or they're free?

(09/03/13 1:04pm)

Next to waiting for the cable TV installer, there's not much more irritating for us first-worlders than waiting for the public records that never come. Many state open-records laws require an agency to respond to a request for public documents within three, five or 10 days.

From the SPLC Legal Network: A new FOI obstacle for journalists who need access to student testing data

(09/19/17 5:58pm)

A recent opinion by the Virginia Supreme Court illustrates just how closely requests for teacher-specific information can be scrutinized, and drives home the importance of carefully considering an open-records request before making it.