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PRESS RELEASE: College journalism groups urge Court to protect political speech in student newspapers

(06/16/99 12:00am)

Groups representing America's college student media asked the U.S. Supreme Court this week to overturn a lower court ruling that they warned "could threaten the very existence of student media on hundreds of public college campuses nationwide."

PRESS RELEASE: Wisconsin college editor honored for open-records advocacy

(09/28/09 12:00am)

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Jonathan Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of the UWM Post at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is the 2009 winner of the "College Press Freedom Award" for his tireless advocacy in pressing for greater access to public records from the university and its student government association.

PRESS RELEASE: Student journalists sue Wisconsin college officials over spurious 'privacy' claims

(11/11/09 12:00am)

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Editors at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's UWM Post filed suit today challenging their college's claim that any document that identifies a student - even the recording of a student's voice speaking at a public committee meeting - is a confidential "educational record" that cannot be released under Wisconsin's public-records law.The Post and its former editor-in-chief, Jonathan Anderson, filed suit today in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, seeking a declaration that the records sought by the Post are covered by the Wisconsin Open Records Law.

Rider tacked onto Wisconsin state budget would limit public access to searches for top university jobs

(06/10/15 3:05pm)

In a proposal slipped into the state budget that wasn't considered through the normal process for bills, Wisconsin legislators are proposing to repeal a requirement that makes public universities disclose the top five candidates for chancellor, president and other top positions. Instead, the public would be entitled only to the names of those "seriously considered," which might be just one name. Open-government advocates are decrying the maneuver as a step backward for public accountability.

Universities are taking divergent approaches to handling campus speech, safe spaces, and trigger warnings

(09/07/16 1:41pm)

On one campus, the administration has said in no uncertain terms that students expecting “trigger warnings” shouldn’t hold their breath. On another, a center for inclusivity is pushing a set of language recommendations called “Just Words,”... 

Student journalist challenges University of Wisconsin for records in investigation of professor

(08/15/17 5:28pm)

When a professor was pulled out of a lecture and suddenly stopped teaching his other classes, Alex Nemec, a student journalist at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, filed records requests to find out why. Nemec has encountered two hurdles to accessing records, the first imposed by the University and the second by the professor himself.