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PRESS RELEASE: SPLC hails progress toward reforming FERPA excesses

(06/10/09 12:00am)

Following the Columbus Dispatch's revelation that college athletic departments routinely invoke federal "education privacy" laws to refuse to release airplane passenger manifests, complementary ticket lists and other non-educational documents, the Student Press Law Center is joining leading Ohio elected officials in calling for reforms.

FERPA amendment would establish ‘safeguards’ for student data privacy

(11/10/14 11:35am)

As the prevalence of student data collection in educational institutions increases, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act’s use is once again in question. And while the proposed changes may not further restrict journalists’ access records, they also don’t alleviate any challenges.

U. of Oklahoma president orders release of parking ticket records after student paper joins editor’s suit

(11/12/14 6:23pm)

The University of Oklahoma’s president announced Wednesday the institution will release parking ticket records, reversing course after OU administrators and lawyers maintained for more than a year that the citations were exempt from disclosure under the federal student privacy law.

FERPA defense play: Universities often cite the federal student privacy law to shield athletic scandals

(03/31/15 11:14am)

At the University of Oregon, Vanderbilt University and the University of Montana, FERPA was cited to withhold records and information related to sexual assault allegations. FERPA was even cited at Florida State University to withhold records about Heisman-winning quarterback Jameis Winston, who has been accused of sexual assault in December 2012.

Accessing personnel records: A balancing act between privacy, public’s right to know

(04/08/15 4:54pm)

This article looks at the frustrating obstacles journalists often face in trying to obtain access to personnel-related records from college and schools. While the law sometimes entitles these agencies to withhold highly embarrassing or confidential documents, it’s an oversimplification to say – as many agencies do – that “personnel” is a blanket excuse for denying a public-records request.