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2013-14 School Year

  • August 2014 (15:38)
    Topic: Student journalists Madeline Halpert and Eva Rosenfeld discuss how their school prevented them from publishing a column examining the effects of depression on teens, and how their censorship elevated their message to the national stage.

  • July 2014 (25:33)
    Topic: ProPublica reporter Heather Vogell discusses her recent reporting into seclusion and restraint practices at schools across the country.

  • June 2014 (22:19)
    Topic: Jonathan Peters, law professor and Columbia Journalism Review correspondent, discusses the impact of several recent Supreme Court decisions on students and student journalists.

  • May 2014 (25:10)
    Topic: Outgoing WRAS-FM General Manager Anastasia Zimitravich and current Program Director Josh Martin talk about a deal between Georgia State University and Georgia Public Broadcasting that gives daytime FM programming hours to professionals instead of students.

  • April 2014 (25:10)
    Topic: Daniel Moore, editor of The Daily Kent Stater, and Michael Bragg, editor of The Appalachian, discuss their schools' recent secret presidential searches.

  • March 2014 (25:18)
    Topic: North Dakota educators and students discuss their efforts to introduce and pass an "anti-Hazelwood" bill in the state. Guests include Jamestown University journalism professor Steve Listopad, adviser Jeremy Murphy, and Jamestown student journalists Dan Arens and Peter Odney.

  • February 2014 (26:07)
    Topic: Zak Malamed, founder of Student Voice, discusses his organization's goals.

  • January 2014 (26:58)
    Topic: Attorney Gayle Sproul of Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, LLP and Editor-in-Chief Gillian McGoldrick of The Playwickian at Neshaminy High School discuss the student newspaper's decision to stop using the word 'Redskins' and the community's response.

  • December 2013 (20:14)
    Topic: Medill Justice Project Fellow Lauryn Schroeder discusses how she used public records to investigate Shaken-Baby Syndrome cases.

  • November 2013 (26:11)
    Topic: Diana Mitsu Klos discusses her new role as the National Scholastic Press Association's executive director.

  • October 2013 (21:01)
    Peter Levine, executive director of Circle, the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, discusses a new study on the state of civic education.

  • September 2013 (22:00)
    Audrey Cunningham of Hiram College discusses her survey of high school administrators' knowledge of the First Amendment.

  • August 2013 (25:41)
    Bill Casey, publisher of The Daily Iowan, and Michael Serino, student media adviser to The Ithacan, discuss the importance of building strong alumni networks.

  • 2012-13 School Year

  • June 2013 (25:37)
    Holly Epstein Ojalvo, a journalism educator and founder of GoKicker.com, discusses her news site aimed at under-30 readers.

  • May 2013 (29:24)
    Mary Beth Tinker and Mike Hiestand discuss their upcoming "Tinker Tour."

  • March 2013 (21:43)
    Huffington Post College Editor Will McGuinness talks about the site's coverage of sexual assaults on college campuses and what college journalists can do to cover the issue.

  • February 2013 (24:57)
    Kevin Goldberg of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, LLC, discusses legal issues in restrictions on media credentials for college athletic events.

  • January 2013 (22:34)
    Interview with reporters Jennifer Smith Richards of the Columbus Dispatch and Molly Bloom of StateImpact Ohio about their series on student restraining rooms, "Locked Away."

  • December 2012 (24:31)
    Tom Julin of Hunton & Williams describes the controversy over distributing newspapers on the University of Florida campus and the legal rights of college publishers.

  • November 2012 (22:45)
    Zoe Schaver and Emily McConville talk about their decision to help start an independent student newspaper to publish stories administrators wouldn't allow in the official student paper.

  • October 2012 (24:22)
    Heather Hacker, an attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom who represents the OSU Student Alliance, talks about a recent court decision that will allow the student newspaper's censorship case to go to trial.

  • September 2012 (25:06)
    Dan Kozlowski of St. Louis University discusses his new law review article about Hazelwood deference and the outcome of students' free speech cases.

  • August 2012 (21:27)
    Red & Black Editor-in-Chief Polina Marinova and University of Georgia journalism professor Barry Hollander talk about the recent struggle over student editorial control at UGA's independent student newspaper.

  • July 2012 (23:00)
    2011-12 School Year

      Student editors Lexi Belculfine of Penn State and Clarece Polke of Florida A&M discuss their experiences when major national stories broke on their campuses.

    • June 2012 (25:27)
      Legal experts Jane Kirtley and Raleigh Levine discuss the Minnesota Supreme Court's ruling in Tatro, a significant decision for college student speech rights and off-campus expression.

    • May 2012 (26:44)
      James Bosco of Western Michigan University and Keith Krueger of the Consortium for School Networking discuss Making Progress, a new report urging schools to rethink their technology policies.

    • April 2012 (23:18)
      Filmmaker Donna Lee and attorney David Greene discuss the new film "Activist Blogger," about a young journalist who spent 226 days in prison for contempt of court.

    • March 2012 (23:49)
      Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, discusses recent legal developments impacting the rights of photojournalists and videographers.

    • February 2012 (22:04)
      Colorado teacher and tech blogger Brad Flickinger discusses his Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students and why schools should embrace new technology instead of locking it down.

    • January 2012 (20:00)
      Samantha Harris of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education discusses FIRE's 2012 campus speech code report and how those codes impact student speech rights.

    • December 2011 (20:12)
      Mark Goodman of Kent State University discusses the Scholastic Journalism Census and what researchers discovered about the state of high school media.

    • November 2011 (21:10)
      Teachers union attorney Jay Hammond discusses Lange v. Diercks, a new Iowa Court of Appeals case interpreting the Iowa Student Free Expression Law.

    • October 2011 (22:03)
      College radio advisers Candace Walton and Robert Quicke discuss College Radio Day (Oct. 11), a national public awareness initiative for college broadcasters.

    • September 2011 (21:03)
      Attorney Peter Kozinets discusses the Arizona Republic's public records lawsuit involving the accused Tucson shooter and student privacy.

    • August 2011 (23:45)
      David Hudson of the First Amendment Center discusses his new book, Let the Students Speak, about the history of student expression rights.

    2010-11 School Year

    • July 2011 (18:47)
      Tracy Loew, reporter for the Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore., discusses her 16-month investigation of spending irregularities at a regional education service district.

    • June 2011 (21:43)
      Vic Walczak, legal director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, discusses two recent court rulings about online student expression and social networking.

    • May 2011 (24:15)
      Brett Myers and Denise Tejada of Youth Radio talk about their Peabody-award winning exploration of teenage prostitution on the streets of Oakland, Calif.

    • April 2011 (20:39)
      Los Angeles Times reporters Michael Finnegan and Gale Holland discuss their series about mismanagement of college construction projects and offer tips for journalists.

    • March 2011 (15:01)
      Joel Campbell of Brigham Young University discusses just-passed legislation in Utah that would dramatically alter that state's public records law.

    • February 2011 (21:03)
      Attorney Enrique Armijo of Covington & Burling LLP discusses a key First Amendment case involving the right to broadcast leaked video and the privacy rights of juveniles.

    • January 2011 (28:14)
      Mc Nelly Torres of the Florida Center for Investigative reporting discusses her recent story on unaccredited, for-profit high schools.

    • December 2010 (18:14)
      Reporter Nathan Halverson of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat discusses his investigation of the Sonoma State University Academic Foundation.

    • November 2010 (20:02)
      Colorado high school journalism adviser Mark Newton discusses the Scholastic Journalism Institute, a think tank focusing on threats to scholastic journalism.

    • October 2010 (23:32)
      Randy Swikle of the Illinois Journalism Education Association and Shawn Healy of the McCormick Foundation discuss the newly-released Protocol for Free & Responsible Student News Media.

    • September 2010 (19:23)
      Tyler Buller, former school board member in Johnston, Iowa, and Leslie Shipp, newspaper adviser at Johnston High School, discuss local policies that can help protect student press rights.

    • August 2010 (23:43)
      Dan Reimold of College Media Matters and author of the book Sex and the University: Celebrity, Controversy, and a Student Journalism Revolution discusses trends in college newspaper sex columns.

    2009-10 School Year

    • July 2010 (22:26)
      Ben Protess of the Huffington Post Investigative Fund shares his experience researching and reporting on the tie-in agreements hundreds of colleges and universities in the U.S. have with with credit card companies.

    • June 2010 (25:18)
      In one of the most media-centric cities in the U.S., why is the number of high school newspapers dwindling? Brooklyn College Professor Jessica Siegel discusses her study on the journalism programs in New York City high schools.

    • May 2010 (13:57)
      Kelly Furnas, Virginia Tech media adviser, discusses his plans as the new executive director of the Journalism Education Association (JEA).

    • April 2010 (21:44)
      Campus Progress' David Spett and Michael Tracey, Editor-in-Chief of the Campus Progress paper The Perspective at The College of New Jersey, weigh in on the benefits and risks of non-profit campus journalism.

    • March 2010 (21:30)
      David Cuillier and Charles Davis, the authors of the new book The Art of Access: Strategies for Accessing Public Records, address the importance of using records in student journalism and offer tips on how to do it successfully.

    • February 2010 (24:39)
      Clay Calvert of University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and Bob Richards of the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment discuss the impact of two online speech rulings handed down by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    • January 2010 (20:24)
      Columbia College Professor Suzanne McBride and her students Nicole Leonhardt and Patrick Smith discuss their investigation into Illinois' discretionary tuition-waiver program for state legislators that drives up educational costs for all the state universities' students.

    • December 2009 (36:48)
      Reporter Kristen Lombardi from the Center for Public Integrity details her investigation into the institutional barriers that face victims ofsexual assault on campus -- and journalists covering these crimes -- that resulted in her project titled "Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice."

    • November 2009 (24:14)
      Keith Evans of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas joins reporters Erin Cooper and Julie Vrazel in discussing their investigation into Tarleton State University's Clery Act violations.

    • October 2009 (20:13)
      Topics: S. Daniel Carter, director of public policy for Security on Campus, Inc., answers one of the most common questions college journalists raise: How do I get my hands on the police reports my college doesn't want me to see?

    • September 2009 (19:54)
      Topics: Chicago Tribune reporters Jodi Cohen, Tara Malone and Stacy St. Clair discuss their investigation into the admission policies of University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne and how journalists can use open records laws to crack into universities' secrets .

    • August 2009 (18:38)
      Topics: Journalism advisers Valerie Kibler of Harrisonburg High School and Chad Rummel of Oakton High School discuss building community support for student publications .

    2008-09 School Year

    • July 2009 (20:38)
      Topics: Editors of Conestoga High School's national award-winning student newspaper, The Spoke, Henry Rome and Seth Zweifler discuss their school board's proposal to prior review content.

    • June 2009 (19:48)
      Topics: Reporters Jill Riepenhoff and Todd Jones, of the Columbus Dispatch, discuss a recent project investigating universities' misuse of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act to keep open records secret.

    • May 2009 (23:21)
      Topics: University of Missouri graduate student Brian Schraum and Western Kentucky University student Josh Moore discuss starting free press legislation in their states.

    • April 2009 (25:08)
      Topics: Lead plaintiff Robert Ochsorn talks about his First Amendment lawsuit against his former high school that was partially decided in summary judgment last month.

    • February 2009 (16:50)
      Topics: Maryland State Senator and law professor at American University Jamie Raskin discusses what Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court decision means for today's students.

    • January 2009 (24:23)
      Topics: First Amendment lawyers Steve Zansberg and Robert S. Becker discuss what happens when student journalists' attempts to cover the news come into conflict with law enforcement's attempts to keep order in a choatic situation.

    • November 2008 (12:30)
      Topics: University of Virginia ruling clarifies limits of FERPA confidentiality rules; Student media's right to cover religious holidays.

    • October 2008 (14:02)
      Topics: California's adviser protection law allows students to continue lawsuits after graduating; Zero tolerance policies involving speech about violence.

    • September 2008 (14:28)
      Topics: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and student reporters.

    • August 2008 (12:55)
      Topics: Off-campus, social Web site cases like Doninger v. Niehoff; reporters' rights to record interviews.

    2007-08 School Year

    • May 2008 (9:13)
      Topics: Analyzing the ruling in the 'Be Happy, Not Gay' T-shirt case; photographers' access rights.

    • April 2008 (9:48)
      Topics: Ad restrictions on student media overturned in Va.; misleading photos and defamation by implication.

    • March 2008 (8:56)
      Topics: Sunshine Week '08: Access to private colleges' police records; avoiding libel in restaurant reviews.

    • February 2008 (5:49)
      Topics: Funding freeze at Montclair State; Colo. State considers selling student paper.

    • December 2007 (5:38)
      Topic: Censorship at McNeil High School (TX); Newsgathering in the hi-tech age; Update on Ponce v. Socorro Indep. School Dist.

    • November 2007 (7:13)
      Topic: Punishing "violent" student speech. Discussion of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal's decision in Ponce v. Socorro Independent School District.

    • October 2007 (5:00)
      Topic: School liability for high school student media; Peek v. Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation.

    • September 2007 (7:12)
      Topic: Understanding state student free expression laws; Oregon's high school and college free expression law (passed July 2007); Illinois' College Campus Press Act (passed August 2007).

    • August 2007 (7:52)
      Topic: What the Supreme Court's ruling in the Morse v. Fredrick "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case means for student journalists.

    2006-07 School Year

    • May 2007 (8:20)
      Topics: "Hate speech" and the First Amendment. Appellate court ruling in Novato High School (CA) case involving censorship of opinion column about illegal immigrants; ruling in Neuqua Valley High School (IL) "Be Happy, Not Gay" t-shirt case; Poway High School (CA) "Homosexuality is shameful" t-shirt case.

    • April 2007 (8:00)
      Topics: Free press rights and responsibility. Greencastle Middle School (IN) case involving student criminally charged for content on MySpace.com; Hermitage High School (PA) principal files libel suit against students for MySpace.com postings; California Supreme Court denies teacher appeal in Palisades High School (CA) case involving lewd comments in underground student newspaper; student free press state legislation updates (Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan).

    • March 2007 (6:05)
      Topics: U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case (Frederick v. Morse); amicus efforts in Frederick v. Morse; student free press state legislation updates (Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan).

    • February 2007 (5:22)
      Topics: State student free press legislation. Washington state lawmaker introduces first combined high school/college free press bill in country; censorship of controversial flag photo at St. Francis High School (MN); Danbury High School (TX) censorship controversy over teen sex article.

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