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The Student Press Law Center gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following organizations and individuals without whose support defending the free press rights of student journalists would be a far more difficult task. As a not-for-profit organization, the SPLC is entirely dependent on donations from those who are committed to its work.  All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

2017 Contributors

From January 1 - July 31

Freedom Fighters ($10,000 or more)

Craigslist Charitable Fund
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation
Journalism Education Association
Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Student Voice Champions ($5,000-$9,999)

Herb Block Foundation
Western Association of University Publication Managers

Free Press Protectors ($1,000-$4,999)

Bob Adams
John Bowen*
Candace Bowen*
Chuck Clark
Wayne Dunn
Thomas Eveslage*
Mark Goodman*
Indiana High School Press Association
National Scholastic Press Association
Mark Stencel*

Student Voice Advocates ($500-$999)

Logan Aimone
Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication - Law & Policy Division
Paul and Elizabeth Gunterman*
Diana Hadley
Dan Hieb
Hunton & Williams
Timothy Jasionowski*
Ronald Johnson*
David McCraw
Michigan Interscholastic Press Association
Kincey and Bruce Potter Environmental Fund
Saratoga High School
Southeastern Journalism Conference

First Amendment Friends ($100-$499)

Brian Armbrust
Eileen Bach
Michelle Balmeo*
Clark Bell
Richard Blumenstein
Karen Bosley
Lee Brooks
Michael Budiansky
Bill Casagrande
Cedar Crest College
Steven Christian
David Clark*
College Media Association
Conestoga High School
Susan DeMaris
Monica Dias
Downers Grove North High School
Eastern Oregon University
Virginia Edwards
Janet Ewell
Dina Ferentinos
Framingham State University
Robert Garcia
Emily Gerston*
Abbie Gibbs
Terry Hemlinger
Michael Hernandez
Ted Hochstadt
Mike Hoefner*
Hoxie High School
Chris Hutchins
JEA Northern California
Jostens Houston
Jody Katz
Kristie Kemper
Kettle Moraine Press Association
John Kittross
David Kraskow
Tyler Krome
Richard Lytle
Sarah Madden
Jane McDonnell
Melissa McIntire
Linda Mercer
Betty Miller
Angela Mimms
Missouri Interscholastic Press Association
Missouri State University
Samir Mokashi
Joseph Moore
Kate Myers
Miriam Nisbet
Wilma Norton
Gloria Olman
Katina Paron*
Carol Pickens
Mark Plenke
Gabriel Podolsky*
John David Reed
Elaine Robbins
Brian Rokus
Laura Salganik
Salve Regina University
Santa Barbara City College
Rodney and Julia Satterthwaite*
Drew Shenkman
Tom Sivertsen
Keith Smiley
Boneita Smith
Vicki Snow
Mary Stapp
Sandra Stencel
Maya Suryaraman
Joan Swenson
Susan Tantillo
Georgeanne Thanos
Kate Tummarello
Patricia Turley
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
University of Indianapolis
University of North Florida Spinnaker
University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Philip Urofsky
Thomas Warren, Wesley College
Western Kentucky University
Lew Wheaton
Karen Williams

* monthly donor

Gifts were made in honor of:

Cornell Daily Sun
Emily Smith
Frank LoMonte
G. Patrick Siddons
IHS Tattler
Kelsey O'Connor
Kim Green
Maira Garcia
Mary Patrick
Matt Butler
Michael Koretzky
Richard Griffiths
Sam and Max Strickberger
The Daily Orange
Tinker Tour

Gifts were made in memory of:

Dr. James A. Tidwell
Enid Margolies
Marjorie Brooks
Nick Ferentinos
Vicki Hedgepeth
Viking News (Ocean County College)