Cyberlaw: Internet & Online Media

Student media were among the first to find a home online. While many of the legal problems — and solutions — faced by online publishers are the same as those that confront their print counterparts, there can be some important differences.


Responding to takedown demands

Takedown demands come in all shapes and sizes. Responding to these demands can be confusing, but – with a well-thought-out policy that is enforced fairly and consistently – student publications can reduce their risk of a takedown breakdown. Read more

Understanding cybershield law

Student journalists and school administrators should be aware of the protection Section 230 may offer — as well as its limits — when they venture into cyberspace. Read more

Online gambling ads — a risk worth taking?

Calls to the Student Press Law Center indicate that Internet gambling firms have begun to tap into the profitable college market by advertising through student media — a practice that could be risky for student newspapers. Read more