Access To Records, Meetings & Places

To draft a letter requesting records under your state open records law, use our exclusive Automated Letter Generator

The SPLC receives more questions and complaints about access to campus crime information than any other access issue. These resources should help you know what your rights are. We also have collected information on a number of other access issues that confront student journalists.

Access to college and university athletic program information

As college athletics become an ever-bigger enterprise at many schools, the student media has an ever-growing obligation to monitor their programs. The following guide should provide you with valuable tools for obtaining the information you need to do your job. Read more

Access to college accreditation reports

A university’s accreditation report can provide a wealth of information for student reporters. This guide will explain what an accreditation report is, what it can tell you and how to request one.  Read more

Access to university foundation records

Whether university foundations are extensions of public colleges and universities — and therefore subject to state open record laws — or more similar to private, non-profit corporations (which are not subject to these laws) is a hotly contested issue. Read more

Covering Campus Crime (4th Edition)

Covering Campus Crime A Handbook for Journalists 4th Edition (2009) by the Student Press Law Center Funded by the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, the educational arm of the Society of Professional Journalists The SPLC's comprehensive handbook on getting access to college crime information includes a discussion of crime statistics, security logs and disciplinary records. Read more

State-by-state guide to executive personnel searches

The following states have enacted laws or issued court opinions that provide some indication regarding the availability of information related to searches for top-level executives at public schools or universities. Read more