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June 2009 podcast: How FERPA helped universities keep open records secret

Reporters Jill Riepenhoff and Todd Jones, of the Columbus Dispatch, discuss a recent project investigating universities' misuse of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act to keep open records secret.

May 2009 podcast: How to start free press legislation in your state

University of Missouri graduate student Brian Schraum and Western Kentucky University student Josh Moore discuss starting free press legislation in their states.

April 2009 podcast: Plaintiff discusses stick-figure cartoon case

Lead plaintiff Robert Ochsorn talks about his First Amendment lawsuit against his former high school that was partially decided in summary judgment last month.

February 2009 podcast: How the Tinker ruling lives on

Maryland State Senator and law professor at American University Jamie Raskin discusses what Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court decision means for today's students.

January 2009 podcast: Reporting on chaos

First Amendment lawyers Steve Zansberg and Robert S. Becker discuss what happens when student journalists' attempts to cover the news come into conflict with law enforcement's attempts to keep order in a chaotic situation.

November 2008 podcast: Should students cover religious holidays?

University of Virginia ruling clarifies limits of FERPA confidentiality rules; Student media's right to cover religious holidays.

October 2008 podcast: administrations have "zero tolerance" for violent speech

California's adviser protection law allows students to continue lawsuits after graduating; Zero tolerance policies involving speech about violence.

September 2008 podcast: FERPA and student reporters

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and student reporters.

August 2008 podcast: Off-campus speech cases could have impact on student journalists

Off-campus, social Web site cases like Doninger v. Niehoff; reporters’ rights to record interviews.

May 2008 podcast: Ruling made in 'Be Happy, Not Gay' case

Analyzing the ruling in the 'Be Happy, Not Gay' T-shirt case; photographers' access rights.

April 2008 podcast: advertising restrictions lifted

Ad restrictions on student media overturned in Va.; misleading photos and defamation by implication.

March 2008 podcast: Avoid a libel suit in your restaurant reviews

Sunshine Week '08: Access to private colleges' police records; avoiding libel in restaurant reviews.

February 2008 podcast: Student newspaper could be sold

Funding freeze at Montclair State; Colo. State considers selling student paper.

December 2007 podcast: Newsgathering goes high-tech

Censorship at McNeil High School (TX); Newsgathering in the high-tech age; Update on Ponce v. Socorro Indep. School Dist.

November 2007 podcast: Should 'violent' speech be punished?

Punishing "violent" student speech. Discussion of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal's decision in Ponce v. Socorro Independent School District.

October 2007 podcast: school administrators use liabilities to justify censorship

School liability for high school student media; Peek v. Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation.

September 2007 podcast: Understand state student free expression laws

Understanding state student free expression laws; Oregon's high school and college free expression law (passed July 2007); Illinois' College Campus Press Act (passed August 2007).

August 2007 podcast: Supreme Court rules in "bong hits' case

What the Supreme Court's ruling in the Morse v. Fredrick "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case means for student journalists.

May 2007 podcast: opinion column about illegal immigrants censored

"Hate speech" and the First Amendment. Appellate court ruling in Novato High School (CA) case involving censorship of opinion column about illegal immigrants; ruling in Neuqua Valley High School (IL) "Be Happy, Not Gay" t-shirt case; Poway High School (CA) "Homosexuality is shameful" t-shirt case.

April 2007 podcast: MySpace causes legal concerns

Free press rights and responsibility. Greencastle Middle School (IN) case involving student criminally charged for content on; Hermitage High School (PA) principal files libel suit against students for postings; California Supreme Court denies teacher appeal in Palisades High School (CA) case involving lewd comments in underground student newspaper; student free press state legislation updates (Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan).