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December 2010 podcast: Calif. reporter explains investigation into university foundation

Reporter Nathan Halverson of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat discusses his investigation of the Sonoma State University Academic Foundation.

November 2010 podcast: Think tank focuses on threats to student journalism

Colorado high school journalism adviser Mark Newton discusses the Scholastic Journalism Institute, a think tank focusing on threats to scholastic journalism.

October 2010 podcast: New guidelines help student newsrooms act ethically

Randy Swikle of the Illinois Journalism Education Association and Shawn Healy of the McCormick Foundation discuss the newly-released Protocol for Free & Responsible Student News Media.

September 2010 podcast: How to advocate for local policies that protect student press rights

Tyler Buller, former school board member in Johnston, Iowa, and Leslie Shipp, newspaper adviser at Johnston High School, discuss local policies that can help protect student press rights.

August 2010 podcast: New book looks at history of college newspaper sex columns

Dan Reimold of College Media Matters and author of the book Sex and the University: Celebrity, Controversy, and a Student Journalism Revolution discusses trends in college newspaper sex columns.

July 2010 podcast: Huffington Post reporter discusses coverage of credit card companies targeting students

Ben Protess of the Huffington Post Investigative Fund shares his experience researching and reporting on the tie-in agreements hundreds of colleges and universities in the U.S. have with with credit card companies.

June 2010 podcast: Why is the number of high school newspapers dwindling?

In one of the most media-centric cities in the U.S., why is the number of high school newspapers dwindling? Brooklyn College Professor Jessica Siegel discusses her study on the journalism programs in New York City high schools.

May 2010 podcast: New leader takes over at JEA

Kelly Furnas, Virginia Tech media adviser, discusses his plans as the new executive director of the Journalism Education Association (JEA). 

April 2010 podcast: Weighing the benefits and risks of non-profit campus journalism

Campus Progress' David Spett and Michael Tracey, Editor-in-Chief of the Campus Progress paper The Perspective at The College of New Jersey, weigh in on the benefits and risks of non-profit campus journalism.

March 2010 podcast: How to access public records

David Cuillier and Charles Davis, the authors of the new book The Art of Access: Strategies for Accessing Public Records, address the importance of using records in student journalism and offer tips on how to do it successfully.

February 2010 podcast: Online speech rulings affect student journalists

Clay Calvert of University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and Bob Richards of the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment discuss the impact of two online speech rulings handed down by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

January 2010 podcast: Reporting on the rising cost of college

Columbia College Professor Suzanne McBride and her students Nicole Leonhardt and Patrick Smith discuss their investigation into Illinois' discretionary tuition-waiver program for state legislators that drives up educational costs for all the state universities' students. 

December 2009 podcast: 'A Frustrating Search for Justice'

Reporter Kristen Lombardi from the Center for Public Integrity details her investigation into the institutional barriers that face victims of sexual assault on campus — and journalists covering these crimes — that resulted in her project titled "Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice." 

November 2009 podcast: Tarleton State University violates Clery Act

Keith Evans of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas joins reporters Erin Cooper and Julie Vrazel in discussing their investigation into Tarleton State University's Clery Act violations.

October 2009 podcast: How to track down police reports

S. Daniel Carter, director of public policy for Security on Campus, Inc., answers one of the most common questions college journalists raise: How do I get my hands on the police reports my college doesn't want me to see? 

September 2009 podcast: How to crack into universities' secrets

Chicago Tribune reporters Jodi Cohen, Tara Malone and Stacy St. Clair discuss their investigation into the admission policies of University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne and how journalists can use open records laws to crack into universities' secrets. 

August 2009 podcast: How to build support for student publications

Journalism advisers Valerie Kibler of Harrisonburg High School and Chad Rummel of Oakton High School discuss building community support for student publications.

July 2009 podcast: School board proses prior review rule

Editors of Conestoga High School's national award-winning student newspaper, The Spoke, Henry Rome and Seth Zweifler discuss their school board's proposal to prior review content.

June 2009 podcast: How FERPA helped universities keep open records secret

Reporters Jill Riepenhoff and Todd Jones, of the Columbus Dispatch, discuss a recent project investigating universities' misuse of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act to keep open records secret.

May 2009 podcast: How to start free press legislation in your state

University of Missouri graduate student Brian Schraum and Western Kentucky University student Josh Moore discuss starting free press legislation in their states.