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February 2013 podcast: Professional, student media tackle restrictions on press covering sports

Kevin Goldberg of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, LLC, discusses legal issues in restrictions on media credentials for college athletic events.

January 2013 podcast: Ohio reporters share story exposing student seclusion rooms

Interview with reporters Jennifer Smith Richards of The Columbus Dispatch and Molly Bloom of StateImpact Ohio about their series on student restraining rooms, "Locked Away."

December 2012 podcast: In Florida, a controversy over newspaper racks

Tom Julin of Hunton & Williams describes the controversy over distributing newspapers on the University of Florida campus and the legal rights of college publishers.

November 2012 podcast: Ky. high school journalists share their experiences launching an underground newspaper

Zoe Schaver and Emily McConville talk about their decision to help start an independent student newspaper to publish stories administrators wouldn't allow in the official student paper.

October 2012 podcast: Oregon student journalists' legal case moves forward

Heather Hacker, an attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom who represents the OSU Student Alliance, talks about a recent court decision that will allow the student newspaper's censorship case to go to trial.

September 2012 podcast: Review of student speech cases shows impact of Hazelwood

Dan Kozlowski of St. Louis University discusses his new law review article about Hazelwood deference and the outcome of students' free speech cases.

August 2012 podcast: Red & Black editor discuses walk-out experience

Red & Black Editor-in-Chief Polina Marinova and University of Georgia journalism professor Barry Hollander talk about the recent struggle over student editorial control at UGA's independent student newspaper.

July 2012 podcast: Two college editors share their experiences covering major national stories on campus

Student editors Lexi Belculfine of Penn State and Clarece Polke of Florida A&M discuss their experiences when major national stories broke on their campuses.

June 2012 podcast: Minnesota student speech case could have impact on college students' rights

Legal experts Jane Kirtley and Raleigh Levine discuss the Minnesota Supreme Court's ruling in Tatro, a significant decision for college student speech rights and off-campus expression.

May 2012 podcast: New report advises schools to adapt their technology policies

James Bosco of Western Michigan University and Keith Krueger of the Consortium for School Networking discuss Making Progress, a new report urging schools to rethink their technology policies.

April 2012 podcast: New film tells story of young journalist imprisoned for protecting a source

Filmmaker Donna Lee and attorney David Greene discuss the new film "Activist Blogger," about a young journalist who spent 226 days in prison for contempt of court.

March 2012 podcast: Photojournalists and the law

Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, discusses recent legal developments impacting the rights of photojournalists and videographers.

February 2012 podcast: Colorado teacher, blogger urges schools to embrace new technology

Colorado teacher and tech blogger Brad Flickinger discusses his Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students and why schools should embrace new technology instead of locking it down.

January 2012 podcast: Free speech codes can curtail student speech

Samantha Harris of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education discusses FIRE's 2012 campus speech code report and how those codes impact student speech rights.

December 2011 podcast: Survey paints picture of the state of high school journalism

Mark Goodman of Kent State University discusses the Scholastic Journalism Census and what researchers discovered about the state of high school media.

November 2011 podcast: Iowa court sides with adviser in student speech case

Teachers union attorney Jay Hammond discusses Lange v. Diercks, a new Iowa Court of Appeals case interpreting the Iowa Student Free Expression Law.

October 2011 podcast: College Radio Day draws attention to college broadcasters

College radio advisers Candace Walton and Robert Quicke discuss College Radio Day (Oct. 11), a national public awareness initiative for college broadcasters.

September 2011 podcast: Tucson shooter case draws attention to federal law

Attorney Peter Kozinets discusses the Arizona Republic's public records lawsuit involving the accused Tucson shooter and student privacy.

August 2011 podcast: New book chronicles history of student speech rights

David Hudson of the First Amendment Center discusses his new book, Let the Students Speak, about the history of student expression rights.

July 2011 podcast: Oregon journalist shares experience exposing spending irregularities

Tracy Loew, reporter for the Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore., discusses her 16-month investigation of spending irregularities at a regional education service district.