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February 2016 Podcast: Livestreaming the intersection between the right to privacy and the right to know

Chip Stewart, a professor and associate dean at the Schieffer School of Journalism at Texas Christian, discusses his research on live streaming apps like Periscope and MeerKat and how they affect the right to privacy and the right to record. 

January 2016 Podcast: The Future of College Media

Chris Carroll, director of student media at Vanderbilt, and Will Drabold, college journalist at Ohio University, speak about the future of college media and the challenges the field is facing. 

December 2015 Podcast: Students' First Amendment Rights in Schools

Catherine Ross, law professor at George Washington University, discusses her new book "Lessons in Censorship: How Schools and Courts Subvert Students' First Amendment Rights." 

November 2015 Podcast: The link between high school journalism and civic participation

Peter Bobkowski, assistant professor of journalism at the University of Kansas, discusses his research on the impact of scholastic journalism experience on students' readiness for civic participation.

October 2015 Podcast: Making the Case for the Educational Value of Journalism

A conversation with University of Oregon journalism professor Ed Madison about his new book, "Newsworthy: Cultivating Critical Thinkers, Readers and Writers in Language Arts Classrooms."

September 2015 Podcast: Protecting the privacy of journalists and their sources in a digital age

Montana state Rep. Daniel Zolnikov discusses his legislation protecting journalists' privacy against demands for their electronic communication records.

August 2015 Podcast: Private universities, police departments and public records

Jack Greiner, a media lawyer from Cincinnati, discusses his successful case where the Ohio Supreme Court determined that private universities had to disclose police reports.  

July 2015 Podcast: Launching an app for student rights

Rachel Gunther, associate director of Youth on Board, discusses her organization’s new smartphone app for student rights.

June 2015 Podcast: Creating a global network of student journalists

Knight Fellow Beatrice Motamedi discusses her project Global Student Square, an international network of student journalists.

May 2015 podcast: The history of successful high school activists

Historian Dawson Barrett discusses his new book Teenage Rebels: Successful High School Activists from the Little Rock 9 to the Class of Tomorrow.

april 2015 podcast: Reporting on school disciplinary issues

Sarah Carr of the Hechinger Report discusses her reporting on school disciplinary issues.

March 2015 Podcast: How the FAA's proposed drone regulations could affect journalism

Jameson Rice, an attorney with Holland & Rice in Washington, D.C., discusses the Federal Aviation Administration's proposed rules for commercial drone use and how these regulations could affect the future of newsgathering.

February 2015 Podcast: One man crusades for students' social media rights nationwide

Attorney Bradley Shear discusses how his work could help make Maryland the 13th state with a law protecting the social media privacy rights of students in colleges and high schools.

January 2015 podcast: Protecting off-campus speech on social media

Attorney Scott Colom discusses his victory in Bell. v. Itawamba County School Board, which addressed students' ability to criticize school officials off campus.

December 2014 podcast: Regulating Internet use in public schools, libraries

Deborah Caldwell-Stone of the American Library Association discusses the effects Internet filters in public schools and libraries have on learning.

November 2014 podcast: Students uncover risks of being undercover drug informants

Eric Bosco and Steve Fox of the University of Massachusetts Amherst discuss a class project investigating police officers' use of college students as undercover drug informants, which sometimes ends with tragic consequences.

October 2014 podcast: High school journalists' voices 'Still Captive'

Rebecca Tallent and David Burns of the Society of Professional Journalists discuss their sequel to Jack Nelson's book Captive Voices.

September 2014 podcast: Oregonian reporter discusses her series on chronic truancy.

The Student Press Law Center's Executive Director Frank LoMonte interviews reporter Betsy Hammond of The Oregonian in Portland, about her series, "Empty Desks," on chronic absenteeism.

August 2014 podcast: Michigan student journalists discuss censorship of column about depression

Student journalists Madeline Halpert and Eva Rosenfeld discuss how their school prevented them from publishing a column examining the effects of depression on teens, and how their censorship elevated their message to the national stage.

July 2014 podcast: ProPublica reporting on seclusion and restraints results in playbook for reporters interested in pursuing similar story

ProPublica reporter Heather Vogell talks with Student Press Law Center Executive Director Frank LoMonte about her recent reporting into seclusion and restraint practices at schools across the country.