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Access to Campus Crime Information

The SPLC receives more questions and complaints about access to campus crime information than any other access issue. These resources should help you know what your rights are.

  • Covering Campus Crime The SPLC's comprehensive handbook on getting access to college crime information includes a discussion of crime statistics, security logs and disciplinary records. It also describes how the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also known as the Buckely Amendment) cannot be used by schools to deny access to security and police reports. (4th Edition)
  • Student Media Guide to the Clery Act The federal law significantly amended by Congress in 1998 guarantees your right of access to much campus crime information. Read this detailed analysis.

Read our 10-step guide to auditing your own school's compliance with the Clery Act.

For additional useful information about campus crime access, check out the Web site of the group Security on Campus.

Text of the Clery Act

Text of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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