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The SPLC's free attorney hotline has answered more than 60,000 calls from students, educators, lawyers and journalists. We've boiled down some of the most-asked and most-answered ones ("When can I use photos from Google Images?") in these handy FAQ guides:

Attorney Advocate Adam Goldstein has handled well over 10,000 of those calls himself. On SPLC's Vimeo channel, college and high school journalists try out their stumpers and get Adam's unique take.

Have a video question for Adam? Send us your video clip (or a link, to and if we use yours on the web, we'll send you a free SPLC T-shirt.

Need more than a one-line answer? SPLC's Know Your Rights tipsheets address the questions students and teachers ask most:

First Amendment and Censorship
Libel and Invasion of Privacy
Freedom of Information
Reporter Shield / Confidentiality
Online Publishing

Not sure if you've got a legal problem at all? Ask SPLC's Virtual Lawyer -- he's open for business 24/7.